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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Haslam gives malaise speech

Governor Bill Haslam talks about the lack of confidence in our economy but does not fear a double dip recession.

The only double dip that the people I talk to fear are policies caused by the two dips in the White house.

While our nation is clearly in flux, as Patton said "I don't want to hear about how anyone is defending their position. Nobody ever defended anything successfully. There is only attack and attack and attack some more!"

I see this as a great opportunity for Tennessee to springboard to the front in America as an example of what a truly free market system that values the individual and personal responsibility can do and achieve.

History favors the bold. We need to talk about and get on with our plans for Attack!


  1. What do you plan to attack and attack and attack some more? How about the tax revenues? Let the wells run dry. Without water, a state government can't spend as much because it can't print money.

    Why limit your efforts to economic (free market) personal and individual liberty? People should be free to make the social decisions that they wish to make as well.

  2. We should attack problems and failings of our government.

    The Sen.

  3. Give a list of problems and failings in our government, and then let me know what I can do to attack and attack and then attack some more.

  4. Just keep reading this blog. I list many problems.

    The Sen.

  5. Blog post aren't enough. It helps, but your blog post are not categorized to find issues easily. It would help if you'd organize your blog by issues.

  6. It's hard to have a double-dip recession when you haven't left the first dip yet.

    Of course if you believe the BLS, Bernanke and Co. in DC, the recession "ended in 2009".


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