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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Improving Tennessee one breath mint at a time.

Rep. Joe Armstrong throws a fit about some breath mints being sold by a store vendor on UT property. Is this the Democrats first step tward Tennessee economic prosperity with their "Jobs" agenda?

You can view and purchase the mints here.

I'm think I am going to get a t-shirt that says "I'm offended by offended people".


  1. Are you serious? How does Don't Say Gay increase jobs? How do guns on UT campus increase jobs? Please, Mr. Campfield, just don't go there. Really.

  2. I never said or ran on that the only thing the state legislature should concentrate on is jobs. Multiple times I have said the government does not create public sector jobs effectively. We create a balanced playing field at best.

    The Sen.

  3. Yeah Stacey, are you serious? Is Joe Armstrong really exploring the candy aisle looking for educational value? Sometimes you feel like a nut....sometimes you don't.

  4. Did Joe offer similar outrage back when mints using the exact same pun were on sale with an image of George W Bush on them?


    That would make him a hypocrite.

  5. Is freedom of speech not allowed on the campus of a state university?

    Would Rep. Armstrong also agree with John Kerry, who believes that the press should NOT give equal time to Tea Party people who have opinions that differ with his?



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