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Monday, August 29, 2011

Is there a difference?

Rep. Garry Moore has been named the state leader of the AFL/CIO. He says there is no difference between him and say Dr. Joey Hensley who may vote on doctors issues or Ron Ramsey (An auctioneer) who may vote on auctioneer issues.

"Does Ron Ramsey become the face of auctioneers when he's presiding over the Senate? Is Debra Maggart the face of school boards? Is Joey Hensley the face of doctors on the House floor? You could go on and on and on," said Moore.

As a part time legislature, most legislators have outside jobs and interests. We all bring something to the table. A Doctors/legislator will have knowledge of issues regarding medicine and an auctioneer/legislators have knowledge about the auction process. There is a difference between having an interest in something and being a state union boss for that cause.

For the most part, Doctor/legislators and auctioneer/legislators main job is NOT about getting into direct, immediate and final negotiations about their pay with the state. It may happen in their roll as legislators but it is not the main number one part of their outside job description. On the converse, That is almost exclusively the outside job for a state union boss. That IS their main job description.

While I like Garry I do not see how this new job will not become a huge conflict quickly.


  1. Pass a law saying that he has to abstain from voting on bills related to his job. Don't allow for an excuse statement that he will vote his conscience.

  2. This is such a ludicrous example of mocking the already ridiculous 2006 Ethics Reform Act that it would be difficult, in the context of Rep. Moore's employment as the AFL-CIO Lobbyist and PAC director, to hear that Statute's interpretation as permitting this, without laughter.

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