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Saturday, August 06, 2011

It's official

I hate to do it but I am now going to have to make it official. Obama is the worst president in history.

I have often said the President is not the only man who controls the economy. The house and senate have a huge impacts. Probably as much or more so then the president. History, issues already in motion and the world economy are also factors.

But over the last few years the negative issues have only grown over time. Gas prices went up. Nothing serious was done. No budgets have been passed in 2 years. The S&P asked for 4 trillion in cuts they got 2 trillion in 10 years and most people do not expect that those serious cuts will ever really take place. We are now entering our third war when we should be getting out of them, Unemployment is way up, spending is way up. Debt is way up. Economically things are not getting better, only worse. I was holding out hope for America sake he could pull himself up above Jimmy Carter but even in the worst days of Carter the world never lost faith in America.

You can blame Bush, the tea party, the Democrats, the Republicans, the world economy, global warming, global cooling, sun spots, the cat, the dog or whatever. Sooner or later the buck stops at the top. In the end, Americans collectively have to look in the mirror and the man looking back at us is the figure head for our country. The man at the top. The POTUS. That man takes the blame.

With the downgrading of Americas bond rating for the first time in modern history, to me, the race is over. To me, that was the official end of the finger pointing, dodging, side stepping, buck passing and blaming of others. Move over Jimmy Carter. We have a new man at the bottom.

It is Obama. The worst president ever.

Some one get me a mint.


  1. Remember when Bush43 was in office, any Lefty would screw himself into the ceiling if you even hinted that anything from the past administration might have contributed to 9/11. Effectively the world began on January 20th, 2001. Funny how things change.

  2. Please Senator exercise the 10th Amendment and get us off the Federal Ethanol mandate. Tennesseans can't afford these gas prices.

  3. Regular unleaded was $1.46/gallon in Knoxville when Obama was elected.

    And we hadn't invaded Libya or Pakistan.

    And we could buy mints at the UT bookstore.


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