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Friday, August 19, 2011

Judges try to make law

I always find it funny when judges who claim they only want to decide current law in an unbiased way can't help themselves from trying to bias others about laws to protect themselves. Not only that but they seem to infer that all our local judges are corrupt because the people elect them. I guess if that is true then any elected person is corrupted. Mayors, school board, city council, congress even the president.

They would prefer they stick to a system where they only have to sway a small hand full of people to get their job. The actual law and what the constitution clearly says? well that is secondary.

We keep trying to re invent the wheel. As has often been said, "the American election system is the worst system out there.....Other then all the others we have tried.


  1. The Ramsey plan is flawed in that no Constitutional Amendendment is possible until Nov 2014, which is after the Aug 2014 Judicial election cycle.
    What do we do if the voters reject Retention-Election?
    Retention-Electionis either Constitutional or it isn't. But let's quit playing games with these guys.

  2. Why would Ramsey want to legitimize the retention plan? Republicans haven't been happy with the SC abortion decision. Does he think popular elections will make future decisions worse than the current genocide that exists?


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