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Monday, August 01, 2011

New idea

I was doing a little thinking on the drive back from my class reunion. So often we as legislators talk about the biggest problem with education is not just the education system itself, it is the child with little to no motivation to do well in school and a family structure that cares little to nothing about their child or that child's education. That is an even bigger issue.

How do you change that? How do you break that cycle? How do you motivate a parent who does not care? What is in it for them? Why should they push their child to do something different then they did?

One legislator suggested report cards for parents. I have a different idea.

Why not tie a child getting an education to a parents getting "entitlements"? If the child fails to make progress or drops out of school, the parent and child lose the government funded benefits until the child is 21. We already say a kid can not get a drivers license if they don't get a high school diploma. How about sharing the responsibility, punishment and reward with the person who can most motivate that child?

Feedback welcome.


  1. I'll back that as soon as you back a bill term-limits and bans from future state employment any Tennessee state politician who votes for a taxpayer funded project that goes over budget.

  2. What a remarkably stupid and cruel idea, for lots of reasons. Here are a few. 1. Plenty of kids do poorly in school despite support from their parents. 2. The idea would punish families for having problems, whereas the whole point of public assistance is to help them solve those problems. 3. The idea would lay an unconscionable amount of responsibility on children, who should be learning for its own sake, not getting good grades at any cost to make sure their parents can pay for their care. 4. The idea would frequently bring about bitter conflicts between parents and children, not benevolent support. Your idea is ridiculous.

  3. That's funny in the same vein I know a great job for every unemployed child support obligor receiving benefits.
    The job is to sit in the back of your kid's school room with your mouth shut unless your kid acts up, and then, your job is to shut them up.
    Lunch would be served to successful employees, otherwise, you can buy your own.

  4. I think that's an excellent idea. It would do a great job of winnowing the wheat from the chaff and reducing the number of deadbeats and slackers parasitically sucking at society's teat. If the parents can't raise a child capable of success in school, then that family isn't worth supporting.

  5. Ian,

    I have supported, voted for and run term limits bills in the past and will in the future. Thanks for your support.

  6. I think its a stupid idea, what frightens me bout this is your friends here support your idea, I saw this blog of yours on facebook on a friends page, and will be putting it on my page as well...lets see how people with children that have learning disabilities feel bout your "wonderful idea"!!

  7. Abolish the school system, allow apprenticeships and let the kids make money in leiu of sitting in the ridiculously outdated excuses for schools in this state. A Tennessee high school diploma is completely worthless. They give them to anyone who sat around for 12 years, just showing up.

    Benjamin Franklin dropped out of school and was working at age 12. John Quincy Adams was serving as a diplomatic attache to Russia at age 14. If kids could be engaged in real life, they would be more motivated.

    It's the state's foray into social engineering which has led to deadbeat parents in the first place, I might add.

  8. This is absolutely ridiculous. There are too many factors to a young person's success in school. Taking away benefits would only exacerbate the situation.

  9. "How do you motivate a parent who does not care? What is in it for them?"

    Why should they care? They will get their $8-11,000 per year "free" public school no matter what. Their neighbors will have to cough up their tuition for them or have their real property seized by the local government.

    Plus, we have a governor asking for a get-out-of-school-free card from the federal government since half the schools aren't showing adequate progress. If we can't show federal "progress", why should we get more federal money entitlements?


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