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Monday, August 01, 2011

Not watching the votes? C.D.S.

The governor doesn't think my bill limiting the teaching of sexuality to natural reproduction will pass. I beg to differ. The senate already passed it and I expect when it gets to the house floor it will pass as well. The more regular people I talk to the more I find that most people support it.

I do agree that some media people have an unhealthy obsession with me and that bill. I mean it is all some of them seem to be able to talk about. They are obsessed. My friends call it C.D.S. (Campfield Derangement Syndrome). I mean there are a lot of big issues going on in the state but they get the pass. I have even heard me as one of the few questions asked to candidates running for office. "Can you work with Stacey Campfield?", "Would you support that bill?".

I mean come on!?!.

Will you support tax increases? Vouchers? Second amendment rights wherever? Government subsidies for new businesses? Amazon Internet tax exemptions? Red light cameras? Pre K? Changes to pre K or the lottery scholarship? Education reform? Eminent Domain? Entitlement reform?

There are tons of issues out there. Even if you just stick with education.

The media left all talk like the only thing that matters is education but when push comes to shove it is not really education that is really important to them. It is more like being able to use the educational system to push a social agenda that is important.

Put on the ballot I know it would pass. The media just needs to get past it. It will pass. Now or later.

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  1. We need to keep these monsters from corrupting our children. Thanks to liberals we can't round them up and lock them away the way we could in the 1950's. We need to take a stand and fight back the gay agenda.


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