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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Planned Parenthood to get $75,000.00 from TN

I just got the news that the Memphis Planned Parenthood has been given a $75,000.00 grant from the Shelby county health department (with money it got from the state). With the money shell game Planned Parenthood does that equates to a heck of a lot of free abortions.

I guess the governors soft communication and kind words of encouragement to the health department that they not give Planned Parenthood money did not work out as hoped. That or Planned Parenthood can flex a little bigger then the governor in Shelby County.


  1. Does the government have excess money to give out in grants? It sounds like that department is receiving 75,000 (+ overhead administration costs of a grant) too much in funding. The big talking points is that jobs will be cut if the gooberment takes its money back. How many other grants a being paid out by Tennessee whom won't be able to pay it's bills...

  2. "With the money shell game Planned Parenthood does that equates to a heck of a lot of free abortions."

    Birth Control Services
    Emergency Contraception
    HIV Testing
    HPV & Hepatitis Vaccines
    LGBT Services
    Men’s Health Services
    Patient Education
    Pregnancy Testing, Options & Services
    STD Testing & Treatment
    Women’s Health Services

    Does Planned Parenthood of Memphis offer free abortions?

  3. Ever thought of looking at the grant requirements before firing off a blog post like this? Ever thought that the CDC wants to see syphilis rates go down in Shelby County more than they want to keep your Tea Party supporters in Knoxville happy?

  4. With this extra $75,000 of taxpayer money, will Margaret Sanger's Negro Project now have time to report those cases of statutory rape in addition to killing the children?


    I guess I can see why finding the Secret Senator wasn't a high priority for Gov. Haslam. The Negro Project was going to get public funds anyway.


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