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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tennessee's West to lead the blacks off the plantation

Oh no he didn't! Oh yes he did!

University of Tennessee graduate, Congressman Allen West said he is a modern day Harriet Tubman ready to lead the blacks off the Democrat parties modern day plantation.


  1. I think Allen West has some serious intestinal fortitude.

  2. Stacey and Dave don't get too excited by words. Actions speak louder than words and this guy's voting record includes assaults to civil liberties, our wallets and future by supporting the PATRIOT Act and votes for all the big spending bills that lack the cuts that this country has to have.

    West's comments are nothing more than Republican vs Democrat rhetoric that the people are so tired of. If this is intestinal fortitude, the you need to grow a new stomach and quit the R vs D game that's destroying this country.

    Allen West has offered no plan to resolve our nations financial woes and marched to the beat of the Republican drum, which is only slightly less spending than proposed by the Democrats.

    Getting excited about a statement like this, while Republicans like him are still spending like there's no tomorrow, shows many Republicans to be more about the team than the country.

  3. Agreed. West just help put my future grandchildren on the debt ceiling plantation and ensured their constitutional rights will be violated through continued illegal search and seizure by federal armies policing the citizens, porno scanners and pedophiles at the airports, more undeclared wars, increased taxation for reduced benefits....the "platform" of the RepubloCrat party.


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