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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

But isn't selection the same as election?

Someone needs to tell the local Democrat party that according to the judicial selection process, selection IS election.

The poor lost souls in Rutherford County just don't understand...

Rutherford County Democratic Party leaders will hold a primary to select candidates in 2012 and criticized the use of caucuses to pick political candidates.

The primary will determine whose names will go on the county election ballot next fall for county road superintendent and assessor of property.

“It does not surprise me that our Democrats prefer a primary. Our candidates will be selected in the light of day at the polls, not behind closed doors,’’ said Justin St. Clair, party chairman.

If only we could get them to agree to do the same standard and philosophy for the constitutionally required "Election" of judges.


  1. By "them" do you mean Democrats, or our Lt. Gov. (Ramsey Plan), Sen. "Legislative Authority" Overbey and Smokin' Joe McCord who introduced their unconstitutional select-judges bills?

    With Republicans like them, you don't need a two-party system. Can't really elect the lesser of one evil...

  2. Caucuses seem to be producing better quality primary nominees. The Republicans should give it a try for federal races and consider it for others.


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