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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Clarksville #7

On CNN/money list of top places to retire.

Population: 132,900
% over 50: 22%
Median home price: $136,000
Top state income tax: None (*Salaries, wages, Social Security, IRAs and pension income are not taxed. However, a 6% tax is levied on stock dividends and interest from bonds and other obligations.)
Cost of living index (as % of national median): 88

This charming city near the Kentucky border boasts many grand 19th-century homes and historic buildings, but it isn't stuck in the past. Clarksville's three-year-old, 270-bed Gateway Medical Center offers cutting-edge specialty care in dozens of practice areas, from cardiology to oncology.

Home to Austin Peay State University, the city has a thriving arts scene, both on and off campus. Outdoor enthusiasts can cruise the Cumberland River or explore more than a dozen walking trails and state parks.

Small cities with so much to offer usually come at a premium. Yet retirees looking to downsize will be pleasantly surprised by the region's low cost of living. Spacious new brick homes here sell for less than $150,000. Plus, there are no state taxes levied on Social Security, salaries, wages, IRAs, or pension income.

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