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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Constitutional Sheriff" was pro Gibson before Gibson

A lot federal incursion is now being noticed in Tennessee with the latest federal raid on the Gibson guitar factory in Nashville. One bill many members of the TEA party and I have been working on would have nullified the problem before it was a problem. SB1108 would require federal agents to receive local permission previous to making a federal raid in Tennessee.

It is a states rights bill based on the "constitutional Sheriff" supreme court decision that was brought by Sheriff Mack. What we are working on is putting some teeth in the bill so there is a punishment factor on federal agents who think they are above states rights and its federal ruling.


  1. How could you possibly argue that the regulation of international trade is not a federal issue?

  2. Why was the factory in THIS state chosen and not factories in other states using the exact same wood?


  3. Only a true statist could argue that an armed raid and subsequent theft of property by federal FISH & WILDLIFE agents is "regulation" of international trade.

  4. This bill is a step in the right direction, but there's not much States can do if the feds choose to ignore the law and the Courts determine that the feds have jurisdiction to prosecute.

    One thing the people can do, through juries, is refuse to convict for alleged crimes like this. Jury nullification is quite powerful, but the problem is more complex because matters of law are usually not heard in the presence of juries. Juries need to hear all discussion of law(s), except for motions in limine and motions to suppress filed by the defense, in addition to the facts of the case. Juries have the power to judge whether a law is just and/or constitutional.


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