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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Going to the whorehouse looking for a virgin

The Democrats are doing a "Jobs" tour across the state trying to think of ways to create private sector jobs. While I like the name "The Obama apology tour" I am not sure the title is accurate. You see, an apology goes to someone you have wronged. Where and to whom are the Democrats looking to for the answers on private sector jobs? To Government entities, to groups who are some of the biggest "corporate" welfare recipients in the state, to counties with high unemployment rates and to Democrat political hacks who lobby for more corporate welfare. I am surprised they don't stop at the union hall as the highlight of the tour.

Some times I think the Democrat party is just a lost cause.


  1. It's the Democratic Party, not Democrat party.

    I am a democrat and I belong to the Democratic Party.

  2. There is not much that is "democratic" about present-day Democrats.

    I will no longer refer to the party as "democratic."



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