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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Should Democrats sit out the next partisan election?

One letter writer seems to think so.

There should be some way to punish those who selected Barack Obama to be CEO of America. After all, they selected a man who had no resume, who had no experience and who had repeatedly expressed disdain for America, its institutions and its heritage.

Since he has been CEO of America, Obama has looted the Treasury of trillions of dollars, devalued the currency, ravaged the private sector, bankrupted the economy, ruined America's credit rating and positioned the country such that, without massive reversals of his policies, economic and societal collapse is all but inevitable.

Perhaps those responsible for selecting Obama could simply sit out the next election.

There is a lot of that feeling going around. What was a huge Republican wave almost two years ago will soon look like a ripple compared to the tsunami Democrats are facing in 2012. People have not calmed down and even past supporters of the president are throwing in the towel. People used to swoon at the presidents every uttering, who would get a "Tingle up their leg" have lost it. The presidents last speech is being viewed as too little too late and most people have shut the president off. He could come out for free ice cream after church and people would not listen.

What this translates into is people mad at the top of the ticket taking out their vengeance all the way down the ticket. Democrat recruiters will say "We are going to localize your race and that top of ticket stuff wont have coat tails" but it will.

Add in that districts have no choice but to shift in Republican favor with redistricting and I see little hope of anything good going in a Democrat direction. Districts that used to be 48-49% Republican leaning are shifting to 58% Republican leaning and that is with old polling statistics (Not post Obama numbers).

Add in Obama and we could see districts that were 50/50 Republican/Democrat leaning turn into 62/38 Republican/Democrat districts. I don't care how good a candidate is. A person can do a lot and still never make up 25 percentage points.

Sitting an election cycle out could be the smart thing for Democrats to do. People who are mad will have no one to vent to but Republicans. If dramatic positive change doesn't happen right away Democrats could try to bounce back.... If they could come up with positive ideas.

Of course that could take a few years.


  1. You are missing the point. Being a Lefty means never having to say you are sorry, no matter how much harm you cause.

  2. "Since he has been CEO of America, Obama has looted the Treasury of trillions of dollars"

    Congress appropriates money, as a legislator you should know this Stacey.

    "devalued the currency"

    The dollar is worth more against the Euro or Pound than it was in 2008 under Bush. Inflation rate is on average lower than under Bush.

    "ravaged the private sector"

    GDP (private sector) has gone up under Obama. Corporate profits are at all time highs.

    "bankrupted the economy"

    That phrase doesn't mean anything, but see above.

    "ruined America's credit rating and positioned the country such that, without massive reversals of his policies, economic and societal collapse is all but inevitable"

    Complete BS. Credit rating with one rating agency went from super good to really good, mostly because the GOP played chicken with the debt ceiling increase and flirted with default while being intransigently opposed to even the possibility of raising revenues.

    You can continue to hate Obama as much as you always have, as a rabid rightwing Republican, I'd expect no less. But before you start saying Democrats should start sitting out the election, maybe you and your Republicans should, for once, try to get a fact straight once in a while.

    After all, since you and your fellow Republicans ran roughshod over our Government in Tennessee, unemployment has only gone up. So, you know, as Jesus would say, maybe you should start looking at the plank in your own eye before going after the speck in your neighbor's.

  3. Republicans get facts straight? Not while the president is black.

  4. Sean - Keep drinking the kool-aid

    Rich - My comment to Sean wasn't racist but I'm sure you'll say it is.

    You guys are both hilarious :)

  5. The 2012 tsunami should engulf status quo Republicans along with the Democrats.

  6. "Sean - Keep drinking the kool-aid"

    If drinking the kool-aid is now a term for "stating the facts," I'll keep on doing just that.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. jh - No, your comment WAS NOT racist. Not even remotely. Who's hilarious, again?

  9. Do liberals know how to play anything other than the race card when making snide remarks? There are many flaws with neocons, but saying their racist is an old worn out canard.

  10. Well, I still get plenty of mileage from making fun of their spelling and grammar.

    tngal, maybe you meant to type "...but saying THEY'RE racist..."

    Snide enough for you? I guess I'm one of those "elites." Y'know, "educated people".

  11. Yes Rich, that is what I meant. If you are implying that I am not educated because I didn't proofread a blog post under a handle, you really are snide and should find more productive things to do with your time besides edit grammar on blogs and accuse people of being racist because they don't agree with you.

  12. Thanks for proofreading your last post, tngal.


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