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Friday, September 23, 2011

Thats got to set your mind at ease.

The TN Journal on why Lamar no longer wants to be in Republican leadership.

As conference chairman, Alexander’s
role was to help formulate GOP positions and communicate
them. But that also carried an obligation to toe
the party line. Throughout his Senate career, Alexander
has enjoyed the roles of mediator, compromiser, and
aisle-crosser, which he’ll now have more freedom to

.... “My job as a United States Senator from Tennessee is
a lot less partisan because I represent independents and
Democrats, as well as Republicans. And I represent a lot
of Republicans who would like to see us get results.” —
Alexander, indicating that he would like to work in a
more bipartisan fashion.

I have always been of the thought that if you have a good product and communicate your message well one of two things will happen. The other side will come to join you possibly bringing something positive to the table as well or they will not join you and the people will vote them out of office in time. Compromising with a bad alternative just to get a "result" often puts you in compromising positions down the line.

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  1. And so it begins. Before all is said and done, look for Alexander to switch parties.


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