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Saturday, September 17, 2011

They have nothing on Tennessee

Biggest government funded vacation boondoggles?

Wait until they see the huge number of visitors waiting with baited breath to get into Tennessee's latest government subsidised vacation hot spot, the solar panel farm. Lord knows when I was a kid, all I would bug my parents for was for that special trip to see the field with panels in it. Why it was all I could think about! The thought of spending hours in a hot car with arguing family members just to visit this vacation Mecca is every child's dream come true.
Yes, with all the people spending hour after hour, day after day looking at these panels in the sun, I am wondering why more private hotel owners aren't lining up to build places for all the visitors to stay? Possibly they need a government subsidy as well.

Now if only we can find a parking place.

Hat tip: Taxing Tennessee


  1. Add those all together and they are nothing compared to ethanol boondoggle.

    Senator, you're amongst the very few who saw that one coming.

  2. $31M spent to build a plant that produces 7,000,000 kwh of electricity per year (per their press release).

    At the current retail price for electricity ($0.10/kwh), that's $700,000 in revenue per year.

    That's a 44-YEAR simple payback....only if you never spend another dime on it in the meanwhile and you count zero opportunity cost for that investment. But I'm sure we have a 45-year full parts and labor warranty on this thing so we can break even in 45 years....I mean PV solar panels do last 45 years with zero maintenance right?


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