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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bamma slamma

The tough new immigration law that Alabama passed has been mostly upheld again. While one minor part was taken out (Tracking of illegals in state schools). The big part (e verify and checking for immigration status of people pulled over) is still in place despite the Obama lawsuit. Many Alabama illegals have left the state in fear of being thrown in jail and deported....Sounds like mission accomplished.


  1. The courts got this wrong. The government should not have the power to make people prove their citizens to obtain employment. People have the right to work. While the government does have the power to deport illegals, it doesn't have the power to make everyone prove that they are here legally, just to get a job. A government that has the power to deny employment could become a government that creates a national ID card, just to put food on your table. The government could require this for government jobs, but not private sector jobs.

    Education on the other hand is a service that the government provides by taxation. It is not a right, that illegals are entitled to, and the State has the power to deny educating those who are not here legally.

    Courts get a lot of things wrong and this is a good example. According to this opinion, you don't have the right to work without government approval, but you the right to send illegal kids to school, at the expense of tax payers. It's no wonder that our country is a mess.

  2. I'm not sure where the poster above found out he was given the 'right' to work. But would welcome any references that could be given. I would suggest starting with the preamble, such as describing the people of the United States, not Mexico, not Cuba, not Chile, not even Canada. The people of the United States, the very people who still want to secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.

  3. Jonathan,
    You're probably misunderstanding what I am saying. I didn't say that illegals have the right to come here and work, but that American citizens have the right to work. It is not a privilege to get a job, that requires government permission. American citizens should be able to apply for jobs in the private sector without having to submit to verification to prove citizenship.

  4. "It is not a privilege to get a job, that requires government permission."

    For some jobs it is. And you keep paying for your privilege over and over and over.


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