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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Because guns shoot themselves

Gun crime is high in Tennessee. In fact, the city of Memphis is number two in the nation for violent crime per capita (Thank God for Detroit). It makes you realize the need to be able to defend yourself is quite important. Crime is everywhere and criminals will get the guns so the need for honest citizens to be able to defend themselves is quite reasonable.

By the way, HCP holders have a lower rate of committing crime then police officers.

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  1. “Everywhere you look, someone is getting gunned down,”

    Yeah, well, everywhere I look all I see is anecdotal hyperbole.

    "Only Washington, D.C., had a higher rate of gun violence."

    Wait, remind me about those "loose gun laws" in Washington D.C. again...they must allow guns in bars, parks AND college campuses.

    Also interesting that D.C. didn't make Forbes' most dangerous city list. They are the murder capital of the U.S. for several years running.


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