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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Big events. Big news.

The Tennessee right to life had their dinner last night. It was a packed house at the Knoxville convention center. Lila Rose was the guest speaker. You may remember her as the 18 year old girl who posed as a 14 year old girl wanting an abortion because her 31 year old boyfriend got her pregnant. The Memphis Tennessee abortion clinic told her to lie about the statutory rape so she could get an easy abortion and no one needed to find out about the rapist. A crime not to report or cover up in in Tennessee.

Some other big news came out last night. As many of you know Planned Parenthood has set up a new abortion center on Cherry Street in Knoxville. Many feel this was done as part of their market strategy to abort blacks babies at a higher rate then white babies (Cherry Street is in a predominately black neighborhood). Well some good people just donated the property right next to the abortion center to Tennessee right to life.

Talk about your bad neighbor relationships.

TRL is just now starting to think of what they want to put on the property. Whatever they build, I am sure they are open to donations to help defray the cost to fight for the cause.


  1. Margaret Sanger didn't call it the Negro Project for nothin'...

  2. I say open a crisis pregnancy center with a big sign that says "your baby doesn't have to die, come here!"

  3. Wasn't Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood?


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