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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The dream Presidential candidate

As much as us state legislators like to think we are the center of the universe, the next election will be a referendum on the president. Who is the candidate I would love to see at the top of the Republican ticket to beat him? It is a combo of a group of candidates attitudes, their ideas and ideals. So with a tip of the hat to Conan O'Brian here you go.

He (or she) would have the creative and strategic thinking mind of Newt Gingrich, the bravado, bluster and swagger of Perry, the cool polished presentation of Romney (maybe toned down a few notches), the fighting heart and instinct of Bachmann, the purity of ideals and purpose of Ron Paul, the vision to see the effects of social issues on the nation of Rick Santorum, the outsider image of Herman Cain, the folksy charm of Sarah Palin, the "I don't care what they say" attitude of Chris Christy and the ability to speak Chinese of Huntsman.

They all have something to offer and I am pretty sure about any one of the announced candidates will be able to do the trick, but it is still to early to say who that candidate will be. We have seen many rise and fall already. The top of the hill is a pretty slick place right now. We can sort of see who the media has been pushing but the people are not locked in yet. We could see pushes in the next 60 days that produce 1 or 2 more "front runners" and we could see some people stumble.

Politics is such fun!

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  1. How can anyone say that Rick Santorum is pro-family and strong on social issues when he supports endless wars and said in last nights debate that he wouldn't cut a penny from the defense budget? War destroys families, both here in the USA and abroad. Rick Santorum has repeatedly supported the destruction of families through endless wars.


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