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Friday, October 28, 2011

Get the popcorn and soda!!!

This could be so much fun.


  1. We have enough drama in politics. No more please.

  2. TNGAL - let me tell you how this works. You find a politician you like, you read his posts, and then you post a comment supporting him.

    What are you doing up at 2:30 in the morning, reading the blog of a politician you do not like, and wasting all of your time, saying unkind things to him? You poor dear, you must just not know how this works.

  3. I guess the idea is to get something even more cartoonish so the current R vs. D scripted professional wrestling (with the media as referee)seems legit.

  4. Anonymous, what are you doing at 2 in the afternoon? Don't you work a job? Or are you drawing a check?

    Who said I didn't like Stacey? I simply said we have enough drama in politics and don't need anymore. Surely you'd agree. If not, you don't know how politics works.


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