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Friday, October 21, 2011

Judges impartial, except when it comes to their job

The judges association has decided to hire a lobbyist to fight for laws favorable to them and their job. Now that they have thrown away the veil of impartiality on legislative issues the question comes up. How has their political bias effected their past judicial decisions?


  1. Senator: As the only bona fide TN Ethics Commission, lobbying ethics violator, I believe I'm the most qualified person to take on this job.

    If they put together just a little biddy PAC, I'll low bid in that lobbying contract and do it for (wink wink) PRO BONO.

    You see, we all need to ensure that these Judges get their free and equal elections even if we have to resort to following the Constitution.

  2. These Judges are pathological liars, who twist logic to the point of hypocritical absurdity, trying to pretend that they are uninfluenced by politics. What is scary is that we rely on the pathological liars to make such important decisions that tremendously affect our lives.


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