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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The kiss of death

I am not sure why anyone would be wanting this but former Governor Bredesen has come out for tax collector Reagan Farr after some shady deals came to light.

Lets take a look at the history of Bredesens political help shall we?

Obama. What need I say. The polls on election day will scream it out loud.

Switchgrass refinery. In the tank (and not the gas tank) as government subsidies dry up.

Amazon deal. Was a completely unworkable deal that no one liked. It had to be completely re worked.

Lottery scholarships hemorrhaging money.

Pre K
No noticeable results and in some cases negative results after the 2nd grade.

Democrats at election time. If he had coat tails they did not even extend past the bottom of his jacket collar.

Now he wants to come out and help Reagan Farr? Not sure Bredesen is who I would want at the top of my batting order but any port in a storm I guess.

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  1. You wouldn't be trying to say that Bredesen did a bad job would you? If you don't like his politics, why don't you just say so?


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