Saturday, October 29, 2011

My new wheels

This has been my year of transportation issues. First, I blew up my straight 6 motor on my 65 Mustang so I decided to drop in a 302 motor and add new disk breaks (to make sure it stopped). Before I got that done my daily driver Honda cracked a head. It had over 250K on it so I was ready to move on. I needed a new ride.

Here it is.

Yep, I bought a toaster on wheels. A Mini bread truck. (A 2006 scion XB w/69K on it) For the longest time I wasn't sure if it was the ugliest vehicle on the road or sort of cool. I finally broke to cool. I like the fact that the seats can fold down so I can haul a bunch of stuff around in it. Low miles, pretty good headroom and it gets about 32 in the city. Factor in I got it for about 1/4 retail and I am rolling.

Now all I have left to finish is my summer time project. The "death ride".


  1. Beautiful car! Made by Toyota, this car should serve you well! Think of how much money you will save on gasoline!

    Happy and safe driving!

  2. What? No coal-powered Nissan Leaf?


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