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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not so much for that

While I am no fan of the flea baggers Occupy Nashville protest, I do not think they should be banned from protesting at the capitol. They should have the right to assemble if it is peaceful and not hurting anyone.

If you cant protest at the state capitol where can you protest?

Now, that is not to say that I think it is unreasonable to not allow them to set up semi permanent camps or sleep on the grounds but if they want to stand up and hold a sign all night they should be allowed to do so.

I say let them stay as long as they can stand up. Those that make peaceful protest impossible make violent protest inevitable.


  1. I had a similar thought, Sen. Campfield. Ban tents and sleeping bags - after all, the plaza is not a hotel or a campground. But if the protesters can stay awake all night, let them be there.

  2. I agree also, but I'd like to know who cleans up after these protestors and is there a cost involved?


  3. Curfew Crackdown Aids Occupy Nashville Recruiting http://wpln.org/?p=31230
    “I’m 60 years old. I used to come to this state when it was Jim Crow and when I had to drink from a colored fountain, so I know what can come out of protests.”

    What kind of country do you want? You want it to get worse and turn into a full blown police state? Or a return to the consitution where people, not corporations masquerading as government rule?

  4. The curfew arrest was really embarrassing to TN. Thankfully it has stopped.


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