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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Protesting unhappiness

Supposedly Wall street was just the tune up for the big Nashville protest. What exactly is their goal? Hard to tell.

From the article...

“They definitely have a right to be here, but they don’t seem to have a goal. What is it, to put Wall Street people in jail?” asked Michael Devaney, who works in information technology at one of the financial district’s many banks.

One veteran Wall Streeter figured she might as well introduce herself. “I just said what exactly are you protesting?”

One of the protesters told her he was upset with the marketing of subprime mortgages. Jennifer Berg countered by asking if homebuyers who took on too much debt shouldn’t share some of the responsibility. Berg said she told them that if they tried to close down Wall Street, it would choke the flow of money that sustains the world economy.

“We had a really decent chat. These guys were disgruntled. I think they were unemployed. They felt like they were making a difference,” Berg said. “They listened to what I had to say and then they shook my hand. They said it was a great pleasure to have this conversation.”

The NY and potential Nashville protests seem disjointed and not clearly for any one goal. More just general anger. Again, it seems this is more and more a theme with protests. "We are here to protest! We are mad as heck, but not sure about what or what we want you to do about it!"

What can a person take away from that?


  1. This is a bit random but:
    As evidenced by the recent BoA announcement to add on $5/mo for debit card usage, the continuous and unilaterally made changes to the deal (in the "fine print" rules) which require a Vanderbilt Law degree to interpret, is tantamount to the very same reason why businesses who have no sense of certainty aren't investing. Citizen/consumers feel as if they are being bullied by large businesses against which which they neither have the time nor the resources to counteract.
    (For example)Have you tried interacting with Comcast recently. How's that bill allowing AT&T to come into the State and lowering those cable prices working out for you?
    Where is the accountability from real estate appraisers who validated dramatic increases in real estate property values, allowing people to mortgage their property underwater? Do they accept no blame for the sub-prime crisis?
    Oh and my favorite for this year, why are all those guys growing corn becoming so wealthy producing ethanol to dilute our gasoline so my vehicle's gas mileage is dropping?
    At some point these guys protesting have many relevant points, but on that last account I appreciate you Senator for not voting to subsidize ethanol distribution in Tennessee.

    I am liking Herman Cain better everyday. I can do his math. I am still waiting on Mitt Romney and the President to explain theirs.

  2. "What can a person take away from that?"

    That people aren't happy with the situation of the country or global economy but, like the politicians who represent us, don't quite know how to change it for the better. Same thing happened with the Tea Party.

  3. Actually, the Tea Party HAS solutions and knows how to change it for the better. They also know how to demonstrate without violence and leave the area clean. The differences between the two groups are amazingly obvious... for those with eyes.



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