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Monday, October 10, 2011

Turner comes out for felon voters

Democrat leader Rep. Mike Turner comes out for felons voting

Rutherford County Democratic Party Vice Chairman Tony Pegel. Pegel, who committed a felony almost 30 years ago when he was 18 years old, is a success story. He served probation for the crime and went on to earn his engineering degree in Knoxville and is now a party official in the county and an asset to the community.


  1. People should be given a second chance. Young people sometimes do stupid things and after serving their sentence in prison or on probation should be able to integrate back into society and even have a say in the democratic process. Prohibiting those who commit voter fraud from voting again is appropriate, but people who do their time and integrate back into society by working and paying taxes should be able to vote after getting out of prison.

  2. Stacy come on man it was thirty years ago, the Kid went on to get a degree, and became a productive Citizen. Where's that Christian Forgiveness your so Famous for. I hope you are well my friend, Oh!, wait whats this in my back.

  3. Mike,

    I like you a lot as a person. I also feel if he went through the process he could have been voting long ago but the rules are just that. Rules.

    The Sen.

  4. Stacy he was given the voter card early on a mistake by the Election Commission, and he reported the error and asked to be taken off the voter rolls until it could be corrected, Sounds like a stand up guy to me. Have a good weekend my friend.


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