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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wall Street protesters here you go.

As true today as it was 30 years ago. The Wall Street protesters could learn a thing or two from this little clip.


  1. Some of the protesters may be clueless. Milton is right, but you'll notice that he implies there is no safe overseer, as long as we are dealing with fallible men. Our founders understood that. But then some (Hamilton) were pushing for a central bank before 1800.

    Most everybody understands fair weights and measures, or thou shalt not steal. I think a lot know something is wrong but can't show it yet. With no audit of the Fed until a partial one now revealing $9 TRILLION disappearing somewhere (and federal reserve troll Herman Cain saying nothing is going on, don't worry about it, you won't find anything) and daily stock and commodity market manipulation and outright theft happening on the millisecond level (see Nanex.net for what the robot trader algorithms are doing) it can't be hidden. The federal reserve is colluding with the banks (really they are one and the same) who are the major players in the markets. The government allows it to continue. The SEC and CFTC know this is happening and occasionally cancel some trades but they are in the Fed's hip pocket too. When a former Goldman Sachs employee is your SEC COO and the treasury sect. is a tax cheat who never worked in finance, what do you expect? Then we have the media giving BS "fat finger" explanations for this stuff when you have an undeniable, publicized crash. This is happening every day on Wall Street. You do remember what businesses reported "unexpected profits" in 2008-2010?

    This is affecting everyone. Even if you don't have 401k, mutual fund or other stock shares being looted by borrowing them for a fraction of a second, it is also affecting price on commodities (which are also affected by the Fed's <0% interest lending, regular POMO billions injected into the treasuries and printing from thin air). Oil, natural gas, sugar, wheat, beef, silver, gold. Anything speculated in the futures or ETF markets is getting manipulated. Everything. Private/public retirement, government/union/private pension funds, pretty much every single insurance company investing your premium payments, every bit of it. Doesn't matter how you slice the social programs or reform them. It all gets "invested" here.

    The protesters might misunderstand. Lefties/unions may be seizing the opportunity too. But there is some "there" there. And it doesn't have an R or a D behind its name.

  2. Not all the protestors are protesting capitalism and free markets. Some are protesting corporatism and crony capitalism. It's long over due for people to protest the latter. Republicans need to quit trashing the protestors and Democrats need to quit trying to hijack them and both parties need to come together and stop the crony capitalism.





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