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Friday, November 04, 2011

Aren't we already waiting 3 years?

An argument is brewing already about postponing the implementation of the teacher performance evaluation for one extra year to see how it works. It is really being pushed by teachers put into panic again by our Democrat friends misrepresenting the facts of the legislation we passed.

You see, no matter what the quality of the evaluation process is. It does not truly have an effect for 3 years and possibly not even then. The fact is the evaluation will have no lasting impact on a teacher for 3 years and then NO TEACHER WILL AUTOMATICALLY LOSE THEIR JOB!!

After 3 years even if a teacher gets all zeros it will still be up to a principal to make the final decision. They could still stay a teacher really indefinitely if the principal decided they were doing a good job.

Can someone give me a valid reason why we should wait an additional fourth year to see the apples to apples results for the people in charge of children's education?


  1. Uh ...to keep the union in charge?

  2. I thought we've been waiting about 20 years. Can't we just pull the blinders on the super-secret TVAAS evaluations we have been doing (and paying for) since the 1990's?

    TVAAS was often touted as the best public education measurement in the nation (although no one could see it), yet with Race To The Trough, that system is no good I guess. Not that the TCAP math and reading proficiency rates below the 40th percentile are any indication.


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