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Friday, November 11, 2011

Does public higher ed need a tuition "Copeland cap"?

I was reading a recent editorial on higher education wanting the state to take out more bonds so they can get money (They say they want over a billion) for more projects.

While the local paper was for spending more. The interesting idea to me came from one of the comments.

sct37917#628171 writes:

OH YES!, lets turn loose one of the worst spendthrift institutions in the State of Tennessee.Sure give UT Carte Blanche to spend virtually unlimited amounts of money and then come back to the legislation for money to maintain these buildings.Surely this must be some sort of warped joke!The board of "[non]trustees" has never turned down a fee increase and has never asked UT to control costs.This is because if you are a political [hack]appointee you know where your allegiance lies and its not with fiscal responsibility.Instead of turning UT loose in the treasury it is time for the state legislators to limit by law fee increase to post secondary eduction to no more than the rate of inflation annually.Unfortunately that would require more backbone than any legislator has exhibited in a long time. Profligate spending is going to have long term consequences for the university I hope someone just has enough sense to just say no on the state level.

Well sct37917#628171, I must say I am intrigued by the idea. We all know tuition costs have risen faster then any other cost out there, even faster then health insurance. Is it time for the legislature who funds higher education to reel in the costs to our constituents?

The idea of a land grant university was always to allow the states students with lower income a chance at a higher education. Many times now it seems it is turning into a spending race to see how higher ed can make the most money irregaurdless the cost to those students.

Just throwing it out there. How would people like to see legislation along the lines of....

Any state university that accepts public (non lottery) funds shall limit the cost increases to students to the rate of inflation without a 2/3 vote of the legislature to go beyond that rate.

Cost increases shall include tuition, books and yearly fees required by the university for student attendance. This shall not apply to out of state students.


  1. Not sure it can be effective now. Should have been in place before higher ed welfare (education lottery) started. Sounds kinda like Bailout Bob and Lamar! wanting to slow the growth of exorbitant government waste, but not deal with the waste. Now that Dear Leader has overtaken all student loans, who cares what the cost is? I can get my FannieMae guaranteed sub-prime college scholarship that you all will pick up the tab for. Colleges are forced to take the soon-to-default customers, but they don't care 'cause Fannie has their back. Linda Green is the new admissions officer.

  2. Why two state college systems in TN?


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