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Friday, November 18, 2011

I thought it was all about safty?

Redflex (a red light camera company) sues the city of Knoxville and Farragut because......Wait for it......

Any restriction or limitation on the authority of Farragut to use photo-enforcement systems has a direct and immediate financial impact on Redflex and the town," according to the lawsuit.....

.....For Knoxville, the restriction on red-light violations for right turns on red has resulted in a nearly 90 percent drop in citations at the 14 intersections recording violations....

..... "The big loser is the city of Knoxville, which loses its 50 percent margin."

Said city of Knoxville police chief Gordon Catlet.

What happened to the "It's all about safety" talk? Where are the quotes saying how all accidents have dramatically dropped in those areas since the cameras went in, and now have shot back up since the new law took effect.


  1. Redflex is misapplying this law. I spoke the Louisiana DOTD headquarters in New Orleans about the red turn on red law. They told me that this law was passed in the 70's by the Federal Government for the one reason to CONSERVE ON GASOLINE CONSUMPTION. The Government had to say to stop before turning right on red so that idiots would not enter the intersection without yielding to pedestrians and opposing traffic. Common sense prevailed for years as drivers showed their ability to safely complete right turn on red procedures at signalized intersections without having to come to a complete dead stop, as Redflex enforces. DOTD stated that if all traffic had to make a full stop at intersections, traffic flow patterns for the city would be drastically reduced, and DOTD has already addressed this issue since every intersection is studied and where it is not safe for motorists to turn right on red after yielding or as they say, "making a significant stop, not a full stop" signs have been installed stating NO TURN ON RED.

  2. Anytime a scam becomes obvious it's a good thing, but people need to realize that the buck doesn't stop with the red light camera companies. The localities voted these scameras in and agreed to contract with the camera companies, while the State legislature twiddled it's thumbs for years.

    Furthermore, it's not just cameras that are a problem. Traffic enforcement is largely a dysfunctional $cam. $ure there is $ome good that comes from it, but very little. Mo$t of it is pay you're fine$ and a deal will be made to keep point$ off your licen$e. If people are truly driving dangerou$ly, then why make deal$ with point$? Traffic enforcement is mostly about the money.


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