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Sunday, November 06, 2011

I'm game.

The metro pulse has attacked Ron Ramsey and myself for trying to fix unemployment abuse. They challenge Ron...

Hell, this reporter will even pony up her own money if Ramsey takes us up on her challenge. PLEASE, Ron Ramsey, try living on $300 for just ONE week. But I bet a month's worth of unemployment wouldn't even cover your mortgage.

Tell you what. While Ron may be busy, I am up to it and not for just one week. I will do it for four weeks. I will take the $1,200.00 challenge (four weeks at $300.00 per week). While I can not get out of my mortgage, I will deduct $225.00 (the cost of rent for multiple rooms available for rent on craigslist in the Knoxville area) from the $1200.00. I will stay at my house and bet I can personally live on the rest ($975.00 or less) for a month. What I make from my life's work and investments will not go to any personal expenses, only to pay my business expenses. If I choose to work for extra money it will be in a completely new job.

If the Metro Pulse will put up the $1,200.00 I will donate $225.00 to Habitat for humanity and live on the rest for 30 days. No problem. If I am right and I am successful the Metro Pulse will eat the $1,200.00 and throw another $500.00 to the charity of my choice. If I am wrong I will repay the $1,200.00 and throw another $500.00 to the non profit charity of their choice.

I will also double down on them if they want. If I can apply for and be accepted to work full time (40 hours a week) in the 30 days they will double the $1,200.00 and $500.00 to a donation of my choice. If I fail I will pay an additional $1,200.00 and $500.00 to a non profit charity of their choice.

Metro Pulse, Time to put your money where your mouth is. Put up or shut up.


  1. You gave Br'er Fox too much to think about.

    I predict that he will not throw you in the briar patch this time. Instead he will gripe to his friends that he should have picked one out with bigger thorns, etc (aka move the goalposts).

  2. Senator: Please make certain you donate the overage to a crisis pregnancy center .

  3. That $225 is for a camper. Most of the ads you link to are weekly rent.

  4. Some not all. There were others.

    The Sen.


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