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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Newt on the Gibson raid


  1. Have to listen close to CFR-Newt. He never strikes the root (unconstitutional federal agencies shouldn't exist), rather he would just exchange the fruit. Keep the federal jobs, just find something else for them to do, or substitute the letter behind the name of the president and have a better use of the unnecessary agency. Find cocaine? You mean like the dealers at the DEA? He does the same thing with education if you listen close. He has no intent of lessening federal control.

  2. WHY in this world is the general public not SCREAMING much more about the gross injustice of this (among many other things)????

    I honestly cannot wait to vote this administration OUT!


  3. Well said Eric. He also sucked at least $1.6 out of Freddie Mac. Wonder how much his advice will end up costing the tax payers?


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