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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Newt rallies explode in size!

The Newt Gingrich campaign has seen explosive growth(Must have been my endorsement). The crowds are now getting too big to control in key states like Florida. Here is a link to a Newt story talking drug policy and Ron Paul.


  1. Is this a joke? What are there, 50 people in that picture? At least half of them are reporters, judging by their cameras. Congrats. You have successfully aligned yourself with the big government MSM.


  2. (I am still holding out for a Br'er Rabbit moment on this Newt thing Stacey...)

    "Why shouldn't the states have control over this? Why should this be a federal issue?

    Because I think you guarantee that people will cross state lines if it becomes a state-by-state exemption."

    Doesn't get much more clear-cut anti-10th Amendment, anti-free market than that. Carefully note the word "exemption" as if the states will have to ask permission from the federal overlords. It's not a constitutional granted power to the federal government, period. This by the way, is the exact opposite of his new-found "I didn't really mean I was for amnesty last week when I said it" view on illegal aliens:

    "I propose that we take the World War II model of the selective service program," Gingrich said. "In World War II, local community citizens judged who ought to be drafted and who shouldn't . . . . It requires trusting citizens rather than bureaucrats. It's a jury system for local communities."

    Well, we couldn't have these communities just deciding who is illegal and who isn't can we? I mean all the illegals would just choose which community to go to wouldn't they? Why do we need the federal bureaucrats for drug regulation (not a federal power granted by the constitution) but we don't need them to protect the federal border and deport illegals (something actually in their power)? Why can't states made up of citizens (I've noticed the federal government bureaucrats are mere citizens too) make good decisions on all the issues reserved to them by the constitution? Newt and who else gets to declare what the communities are capable of deciding? Where is the constitution in this discussion again Newt (This is the "intellectual" guy the GOP is offering again, right?)?

    Newt: "I think we need a very aggressive model. I describe it as a Cuban Spring. If you have a U.S. government that says Assad should go, why aren't they aggressively saying Castro should go?"

    If all the other kids are jumping off the roof is Newt going to jump off the roof? So what should happen if Iran decides that Newt should go? Okay for them to invade Florida and call it "American Spring"? Give some nukes to Cuba? Remote a few drones over Georgia? Say Al Qaeda was spotted in North Carolina?

    "You might try to find a way to give virtually every Cuban a free radio." Huh? Guess he's never listened to Radio Havana (PBS in Cuba, for US consumption) or China Radio International (PBS in China, for US consumption). I thought VOA was supposed to accomplish our radio propaganda.

    "You can either be in the Ron Paul tradition and say there's nothing wrong with heroin and cocaine..." Interesting he has to keep bringing up this guy that "doesn't have a chance". I guess the other lie, "Ron Paul is for prostitution" would hit a little too close to home for Newt.

  3. This shows how gullible Laodeceans are.

    Glad you posted a link. Next week when Gingrich says something that contradicts this weeks statements, will you post a link to it?

  4. I guess the other lie, "Ron Paul is for prostitution" would hit a little too close to home for Newt.

    LOL! Boo-yah!


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