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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Unemployment fixes

Some states are looking to way bigger changes in their unemployment benefits then Tennessee is.

For example, the state broadened the definition of “misconduct” — a common reason to deny benefits — to include chronic tardiness and behavior outside the workplace that is found to be “a conscious disregard of an employer’s interests.”

Supporters of the Florida law argue the changes are necessary to get the state unemployment system solvent: Florida expects to erase its debt to the federal government by 2013. Nancy Detert, the sponsor of the bill in the state Senate, also argues that the changes will allow the state to focus help on those who need it most. The “reforms provide relief to employers,” Detert said in a statement, “by weeding out individuals taking undue advantage of the system.”

Holder, the House sponsor, stresses that a big priority was to remake “the unemployment system into a reemployment system.” Those receiving benefits must take an online skills assessment that plugs them into the state’s job-matching system. They also must submit information online that shows they contacted at least five employers a week or have met with a representative at a local One-Stop Career Center.

As the leftists go bonkers about the thought of fixing some abuses in our unemployment insurance program I just thought I would mention, when I was watching the house of commons question the prime minister in London the talk of unemployment insurance came up there as well.

In jolly old "socialist" England you are not even eligible for unemployment insurance until after you have worked consistently for a company for over TWO YEARS!!!! And the talk was of making it tougher to get.

In Tennessee we have a problem because school crossing guards and school bus drivers are signing up for unemployment after a few months of temporary work.

Tennessee also offers 99 weeks of unemployment. Some states are looking to cut it to as low as 20 week.

Florida is looking at a sliding scale that extends benefits when the unemployment rate is higher and cuts it when the rate is lower.

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  1. Stacey, is that you, observing how they do things in the House of Commons? Incredible picture! Thanks for sending! Looking good!

    You come on home, now, we're going to be needing you in January over in Nashville - needing you big time, okay?

    Hope you have a great rest of your trip and a safe journey home!


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