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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Why don't they ask that?

I have been talking to some of my friends lately about the mayors race. Most of them do not believe the mystery mail piece that no one seems to be able to produce was put out by the Padget campaign. In fact, most believe it was actually put out by a Rogero supporter looking to get sympathy votes by being way over the top (even though no one has really seen one to see if it is over the top). In fact most of the people I have talked to wonder if there is any falsehood in it at all. I mean I think even misses Rogero would admit she is the more liberal candidate and is supported by the more liberal supporters. I don't think its a reach to say she has the liberal "hippy" vote locked down.

Anyway, the more people I talk to the more the same questions come up. Questions that don't seem to get any play. Just a day or so ago a question on where the candidates stand on red light cameras finally came out. I mean that is a pretty big issue right now for cities and the future mayor and its only getting asked about them now?

(FYI Rogero fine with them, Padget is against them)

Some other questions I keep wondering if they will ever get asked are....

Were the states (CANDO) policy on sexual orientation overturned would the new mayor support a policy that barred private businesses from applying for government jobs if they did not support homosexuality? (as Nashville passed)

Were the city council to bring it forward, would they support or veto a policy that made Knoxville a sanctuary city for illegal aliens? (as other cities have passed)

On the flip side, if the city council wanted to implement a policy to check the immigration status of people arrested (as Nashville has done) would they as mayor support it or veto it?

If the city council passed a law implementing vehicle inspections (as Memphis has)
would you support or veto it?

If city employees came to you asking for a cost of living pay increase, a "living wage" or a defined benefit package as the county has, would you stand against it or support it? If you support it, what tax increase would you push to pay for it?

While the candidates may stand at the same place on the issues, these questions should at least be asked and reported. They are very valid, possible scenarios the future mayor my face in Knoxville as other mayors in Tennessee have already faced.

While the inside baseball lovers seem to think that storm water runoff, homeless shelters or slope development are the big issues we are all burning to know, for Joe six pack, I don't think those issues really resonate at all. Most people don't understand them or don't care enough about them to swing their vote one way or the other.

Not being able to get a job or contract because of their religious beliefs, more illegal immigrants coming or not coming to Knoxville, more taxation and regulation that they may have to deal with or pay?

That, they can understand.

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  1. For the city that says it's illegal to park your car on your own property? I can easily see them stealing your rain too. Not much of a stretch for the city that has already deleted innocent-until-proven-guilty and due process in exchange for their revenue camera$ (while ruled by good king Billy of Has-Lamp).


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