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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

You absolutely can not do it.....But we wont bet against you.

Well after I laid down the gauntlet saying I was more then willing to take up the Metro Pulse unemployment challenge to live on $300 or less per week for a month. The Pulse chickened out. I was willing to do about everything I could short of shutting my business down (putting contractors out of work) to prove them wrong on every leftist cry. I was even willing to put up over $3,400.00 of my own money to prove it but they didn't want to take me up on it.

The fact is it would have been easy.

I did not even get into all the other social programs that would have made it even easier to live happily without working (welfare, food stamps, food banks, churches, tenncare, housing vouchers etc.) that I was not going to even bother to take.

I just pointed out how if you are willing to work hard and sacrifice things like a little privacy, not having a new car, no pets, not partying away your life and money with drugs, sex, alcohol and tobacco until you can at least afford to pay for the possible consequences from them, about any able bodied person can find a job and pull themselves up from unemployment and poverty.

While sticking to their guns that those things are all but absolutely impossible to do......They did not want to bet against me doing it.


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  1. I was betting they would wuss out... I guess I should have put some money on it.

    In other news, despite ostensibly being a "newspaper", their writers surely do have some reading comprehension problems over there... it is almost like they intentionally misrepresented what you wrote.

    Oh. Wait...


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