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Saturday, December 03, 2011

And we will happily take his vote

Guess who says Newt is ".....one of the best", "....Opening up my mind" Could support Newt in the general election, Doubts a third party run, does not care about Newts past marriages?

-Dr. Ron Paul


  1. You are really stretching what he said.

    Doubting a third party run is nothing new. The system is biased against anything but D's and R's.

    He said he doubts that Newt is a true conservative based on his voting in Congress and he can't ever remember Gingrich being a part of the conservative group on true conservative positions.

    On Newt's affairs, when asked if they were "out of bounds" he didn't say no, and he pointed out that it's nothing new and he wished the media hadn't spent so much time focusing on Herman Cain's scandals. That is hardly, "does not care about Newts past marriages."

    Ron Paul is open to people coming around to freedom, but when asked if he'd support Newt he said there are issues where it would be quite difficult. In other words, he's saying Newt would have to change more positions (that should be easy for Newt) and show a lot more sincerity, because his current wayward positions aren't convincing.

    He calls him out for serial hypocrisy and says it wasn't too tough and didn't require being too creative.

    Stop straining at gnats and swallowing a camel.

    If Gingrich is the candidate that can win the general like you say, because His arguments are so tight he is near bullet proof," then it won't matter if a 3rd party candidate emerges.

  2. I think I would rather have Obama than Newt "Climate Change" Gingrich.


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