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Monday, December 05, 2011

Drug testing unemployment benefits.

Ch 5 in Nashville profiles my bill to drug test people on unemployment benefits.

First let me say I would have no problem taking a drug test myself. I think if you get a check from the government you should be willing to follow their rules. That being said, no one forces you to take government benefits. It is something you ask for, Not something you automatically get. You don't want to take the test? don't ask for the benefit. We have limited dollars to provide services. Lets get it to those who need it. Not those who want a subsidy for their drug habit.


  1. Why stop at drug testing make people who receive unemployment benefits submit to BMI and metabolic screening, declare the brands of clothes they wear and audit all spending habits and declare their allegance to the fascist GOP. Lets make America the most healthy,disciplined,unemployed population in the world.

  2. This is truly a vile, hateful idea and hopefully the judiciary will kill this obvious violation of the constitutional rights of the poor...yes, Senator, even poor people have constitutional rights.
    This bill will punish innocent children because their parents suffer from the disease of addiction, while doing nothing whatsoever to treat the disease.
    And, one can be sure those clicking their tongues at these awful drug users voted with a pack of Marlboros in their pocket and a fridge full of Budweiser.

    We have a massive poverty problem in this nation, and credible studies show it kills hundreds of thousands of people every year. This bill will certainly add to that figure. We should be attacking financial injustice, not the victims of this injustice.


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