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Friday, December 16, 2011

I trust you when you say it.


  1. Wonder if she actually wrote that? Funny, that taking down a Speaker with ethics violations is a virtue. Shouldn't she have praised the people that did the same thing to Newt?

    She had some nice things to say about Ron Paul when she introduced him as well. He got a lot bigger standing ovation than Newt did.

  2. Was that before or after the commercials alongside Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi?

  3. You mean this one?

    Or maybe this one?

    You can believe Bachmann every time she votes to renew the "patriot" act that she really doesn't believe in the Constitution or "freedom".

    "Health care is an industry we need to get a grip on in this country and return it to the basis of free market principles..."

    Who is "we" and why do you need to get a grip on it? If the federal government just let it go, then it would be free market.

    You have to listen close to these "conservative" hucksters like Bachmann and Newt. They throw in catch phrases like "free market framework" and "vouchers", but it is most always couched in federal control or oversight. Newt is using the same "free market framework" controlled by the federal government for his health care agenda today. The same "repeal and replace" or "health care exchange" total federal control touted by the faux conservatives Corker and Lamar.

    Obamacare with a different letter behind the name.


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