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Thursday, December 08, 2011


I am sure if there is any college in the world that has done everything possible to keep criminals with guns off campus it is Virginia Tech. I am sure they have passed every sort of ban and law out there to make sure criminals know guns are not allowed on campus.

How has it worked?

Well, there is another mass shooting going on on the campus of Virgina Tech as I type this.


  1. Why is that "police" officer wearing camo in the AP shot? Was he out hunting deer when he received the call?

    A routine traffic stop...by campus police? And he was shot or at least still in HIS car according to the alleged witness here.

    The first account says the shooter had on grey sweat pants, a maroon hoodie, a grey hat with neon green brim and a backpack. If it was a routine traffic stop, was he driving with his backpack on or did he just take his time to pick it up as he was fleeing on foot? Now there is a composite sketch with no hat and he is supposed to be in a blue and white vertically striped shirt, with shorts (December 8?) and brown sandals. It's 39 degrees there right now according to weather.com. Check out the video here for the new description, especially the officer at the 1:17 mark doing the press conference outside in his short sleeves.

    This looks pretty fishy to me. Could be another drill/manufactured story with parts recorded. Especially with all the "coordinated effort" of VT, local police, state police, FBI, ATF(?), etc.

  2. Senator please redouble efforts permitting HGP holding staff to carry on the grounds of TN universities and school campuses. This has gone on long enough.


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