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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Money we could do without

Mustard magnet Scott DesJarlais is doing more then using the term "Waste, fraud and abuse" as trite terms at election time. He is attacking some of it. Things like rewards for recruiting people to go on food stamps. This goes beyond the "If you build it they will come" mentality of government freebies. This is the "If you don't want to come we will give you bus fair to get here." Sort of thinking.

Sort of reminds me of the parent who told me of how his child's school repeatedly tried to get him to put his child on "free or reduced lunch" even though his child always had plenty of lunch money.

The school told the father that the more kids they could get on free and reduced lunch the lower their academic standards could be and the more government money they would get.

How did we get like this?


  1. "How did we get like this?"

    Well since you asked...specifically in the case you mentioned it happened by faux "Conservative Republicans" like Newt Gingrinch voting to create the federal Dept. of Education in the Carter era, then states sucking on the federal teat and jumping whatever hurdle Uncle Sugar puts out there to keep getting their money; then by states (with Republican majorities in TN) going over the top for their Race To The Trough money and succumbing to total federal government takeover through common core state standards. It was done voluntarily for money. Now they have no choice. Education is huge business. Controlling it is huge business. Just ask Frist, Pinkston and Woodson.

  2. "How did we get like this?"

    To go to THE root, I'd say that we, as a nation/culture, began to give our God the last priority in the scheme of things.

    The consequences of that are increasing exponentially.


  3. How did we get like this?

    10th plank of the Communist Manifesto is free education to kids.

    KM, you are absolutely right. We ought to obey God rather than men. Acts 5:29

    Luv how Eric never misses the chance to point
    out how Gingrich is usually in the thick of any mess. Hopefully Stacey and conservatives don't believe that he'll actually get the feds out of education.


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