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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Who wants to Newter Obama?

We still need to find one last congressional delegate for Newt out in West Tennessee. 100 signatures turned in by Noon on Thursday and you can be a key part of beating Obama and reviving the Reagan revolution part II.

Interested? You can e mail me at stacey@votestacey.com or call me at (865)455-2627


  1. One more thing, even though it looks like my first post didn't make it, I don't want to Newter Obama. I want to restore liberty and freedom! The Newtster won't do that.

  2. Senator, there are a lot of us out here believing in you, praying for you, counting on you, and reading your blog.

    We see you as a person of great dignity and honor, being a State Senator for Tennessee.

    Could you please let us see more of your serious, dignified, and respectful side and not say things like "Newter Obama?"

    Could you please not go all out with those hicks making fun of Michelle Obama being booed at Nascar? Even though we don't agree with Obama's politics, we still respect him and his wife and children. This is America! And he is our president, whether we like it or not.

    Word is you are a devout Christian, and we expect you to live up to your high calling by showing respect, even for your political enemies. Okay?

    We know, you are very excited because session takes back up in January. Not only that, but being the leaders of the Gingrich campaign in Tennessee, along with Rep. Shipley, must be very exciting for you.


  3. It is a play on words, Newt (as in Newt Gingrich) newter....Oh well, not all my jokes go over with everyone. I guess I have an off beat sense of humor. Tennessee Politics can be dull and dry or fun and sometimes funny if you let it. I guess it is all on point of view.

    Different people respond and remember in different ways. We can put 95% to sleep talking about facts figures and numbers or possibly get someones attention by showing the same things to them in a different way. Possibly a funny way that they will remember and grow to be a part of.

    To be in this game you need thick skin. Its not bean bag. If they cant handle a good natured jab now and then then they should take up crochet.

    I have no problem personally with many of those who I may go after on my blog. I try and not make it too personal. I just think they are taking the country in the wrong direction and I know the best way to change that is to replace them with people who support our values more.

    To do that we need to show those differences to people and motivate our people in a way they will remember.

    I guess I play to the 95%

    The Sen.

  4. Where does Newt stand on the internet sales tax (we know the GOP establishment is for it by Haslam's words) and the recent Corker and Lamar approved Gitmo detainment without trial for US citizens?


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