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Saturday, December 17, 2011

You said you love me with my faults

This just gets better and better. After the last debate in Iowa you would think Michele Bachmann discovered some big dark secret about Newt's history with Freddy Mac and decided to attack him on it.

Then this video comes out where Newt talks about his involvement with Freddy Mac and the ways he thinks they need fundamental reform from back in 08.

Does that sound like he is lobbying to prop them up?

And who could that be right beside him? Why if my eyes and ears don't deceive me it is Machele Bachmann! I am pretty sure this is also just another clip from the same video where she is caught gushing all over Newt that I posted earlier.

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  1. "Second, I want to state unequivocally, for every person watching tonight, I have never once changed my positions because of any kind of payment..."

    So, uh about that $1.6 million you took from Freddie Mac..you know, that organization you are against, but consulted for (not to be confused with "lobbying"), what was that money for again?

    Also, note the typical faux Conservative explanation you should expect from Newt. They don't need to go bankrupt and go away. The federal government still needs to save them with "the equivalent of a receivership". Kinda like General Motors. So yes, Newt still wanted to bail them out - just slower or smaller or something, but yes, you dumb taxpayers would foot the bill.

    So, since Newt "never changed" his positions, I guess he was always for Freddie Mac and he still is, $1.6 million later.


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