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Monday, October 31, 2011

Saturday, October 29, 2011

My new wheels

This has been my year of transportation issues. First, I blew up my straight 6 motor on my 65 Mustang so I decided to drop in a 302 motor and add new disk breaks (to make sure it stopped). Before I got that done my daily driver Honda cracked a head. It had over 250K on it so I was ready to move on. I needed a new ride.

Here it is.

Yep, I bought a toaster on wheels. A Mini bread truck. (A 2006 scion XB w/69K on it) For the longest time I wasn't sure if it was the ugliest vehicle on the road or sort of cool. I finally broke to cool. I like the fact that the seats can fold down so I can haul a bunch of stuff around in it. Low miles, pretty good headroom and it gets about 32 in the city. Factor in I got it for about 1/4 retail and I am rolling.

Now all I have left to finish is my summer time project. The "death ride".

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tough day

Rep. Frank Nicley spent all day dealing with the "Occupy White Pine" crowd.


Not so much for that

While I am no fan of the flea baggers Occupy Nashville protest, I do not think they should be banned from protesting at the capitol. They should have the right to assemble if it is peaceful and not hurting anyone.

If you cant protest at the state capitol where can you protest?

Now, that is not to say that I think it is unreasonable to not allow them to set up semi permanent camps or sleep on the grounds but if they want to stand up and hold a sign all night they should be allowed to do so.

I say let them stay as long as they can stand up. Those that make peaceful protest impossible make violent protest inevitable.

The kiss of death

I am not sure why anyone would be wanting this but former Governor Bredesen has come out for tax collector Reagan Farr after some shady deals came to light.

Lets take a look at the history of Bredesens political help shall we?

Obama. What need I say. The polls on election day will scream it out loud.

Switchgrass refinery. In the tank (and not the gas tank) as government subsidies dry up.

Amazon deal. Was a completely unworkable deal that no one liked. It had to be completely re worked.

Lottery scholarships hemorrhaging money.

Pre K
No noticeable results and in some cases negative results after the 2nd grade.

Democrats at election time. If he had coat tails they did not even extend past the bottom of his jacket collar.

Now he wants to come out and help Reagan Farr? Not sure Bredesen is who I would want at the top of my batting order but any port in a storm I guess.


Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey lets fly on "vote suppression"

During a recent stop on my Red Tape Road Trip, a member of the audience couldn't fathom why it was so hard for certain people to understand why we need voters to supply a photo ID at the polls.

His question seemed to imply that a large swath of the populous opposes photo ID. Let me assure you -- nothing could be further from the truth. By almost every measure a politician has to gauge the electorate, the recent photo ID law passed by our Republican majority is wildly popular. Be it polling, emails, phone calls or simply constituents stopping us on the street -- support for the measure is strong. Not only do voters agree with the policy when asked, it is one the the few issues on which people I encounter will volunteer their favorable opinion.

So who opposes photo ID? As is often the case these days, the opposition amounts to just a few leaders in the upper echelon of the Democrat Party and their friends in the press.

If you read the slanted news stories and editorials of the mainstream media, you would think that asking voters to present a photo ID at the polls is literally the end of the world as we know it. They believe that photo ID is an attempt to "suppress" the Democrat vote in Tennessee. With all due respect, their candidates seem to have done a pretty good job of suppressing their vote themselves in 2010 when they lost the governor mansion, fifteen seats in the legislature and three congressional seats.

But I digress. Let's look at that word "suppression." It means to "prevent the development of an action or expression of an idea or feeling." The photo ID law suppresses nothing other than voter fraud. We expect in a modern republic such as ours to have faith in the integrity of our electoral process. It is actually a quite unique situation we have in America. Not only do we have the right to vote - a rarity around the globe - we have an expectation that our elections are not a farce. We expect our vote to count. But how can our vote truly count if we don't really know who is and isn't voting?

That is the purpose of photo ID. This is not about suppression, it is about protection. If a qualified voter has his vote canceled out by one unqualified voter, tell me who has been disenfranchised? Whose vote has been suppressed?

The ever-dwindling Democrat political machine in this state would have you believe that there are scores of currently registered voters without voter ID who will be disenfranchised under this bill. They have even resorted to creating false numbers to bolster their case. Democrats say that 675,000 voting Tennesseans currently lack an photo ID. That number is rubbish. Pulled from thin air.

When challenged, they admit their calculations are based on census numbers which contain the very ineligible people this law is designed to exclude: felons, illegal aliens and even convicts sitting on death row. Yet, in press releases, speeches and opinion columns they continue to cite the Department of Safety as their source. I have talked with Department of Safety Commissioner Bill Gibbons. No such number has ever been issued by his office.

That is what we are dealing with here: a small, vocal, unscrupulous opposition who believe they are entitled to their own set of facts, their own reality.

Fortunately for Tennessee, their reality does not exist. No Tennessee voter is being disenfranchised by this legislation - not one. Voters who are residents of a licensed nursing home who vote at the facility are exempt. Voters who are hospitalized are exempt. Voters with a religious objection to being photographed are exempt. And any registered voter who wants to can vote by mail and does not have to present a photo ID.

But most people do like to vote in person so let me be clear: No one will be turned away at the polls on election day. They will either vote on a machine or cast a provisional ballot which will be counted when proof of identification is presented.

While the opposition throws out terms like "poll tax" remember this: Any registered voter may get an ID at no charge. Free. There is no poll tax.

The only way voters will be disenfranchised is if the purveyors of misinformation succeed. We shall not let them. The AARP of Tennessee has joined with State Election Coordinator Mark Goins to educate the public on exactly what this law means and what it does not. On November 1, the Secretary of State will hold outreach events in all 95 counties to inform and educate citizens on this new law. Your state is working hard to make sure that every qualified voter knows the law and receives an ID if they want one.

In fact, just this week a wonderful woman unable to drive herself was referred to my office by Congressman Jim Cooper. Though his office was unable to help this constituent, Congressman Cooper's staff suggested she call me. A person from my office took this lovely lady downtown to use the Express Station right across from Legislative Plaza. She successfully procured her ID in minutes and now has an ID she can use not only at the polls but for many everyday activities which require a photo ID.

Clearly, the only suppression going on here is that of the truth by the opposition.

Unified Republican government has no interest in suppressing the vote. We wish only for the integrity of our democracy to be unimpeachable. The legislature, the Department of Safety and the Secretary of State are doing everything we can to make it so.

Tennessee deserves better than fear-mongering and demagoguing from frustrated Democrats and ill-informed editorial boards. We want Tennesseans to have a system they believe in and one they can trust. If you have any questions about the law or what is required to vote please call 1-877-850-4959 or log on to http://govotetn.com. Every Tennessean deserves the right to vote and every Tennessean has the right to have that vote mean something..

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Figures lie and liars figure"

Roy Herron tries to scare more people into thinking they will not be able to vote by quoting foggy numbers, counting people who are not even registered to vote, possibly even counting felons and illegal aliens as disenfranchised voters. I am suprised he didn't throw in dead people as well seeing as they have a history of voting out west.

"The Dean" breaks it down...

Here's the explanation: There are actually about 230,000 Tennesseans who hold a non-photo driver's license and who are over the of age 18, including the 126,000 who are registered to vote. But those not registered to vote could register and thus could be "potentially" impacted by having to obtain a new photo ID.

Further, the 2010 U.S. Census reported Tennessee has a voting age population of 4,850,104. Meanwhile, the Department of Safety says there are 4,390,803 persons holding a driver's license. The difference is 459,301 - people who don't have a license, but live in Tennessee and "potentially" could be voters and thus impacted.

Add the 459,301 to the 230,000 and you get 689,301. Some, of course, may be ineligible to vote - such as convicted felons who have not had their rights restored....

....Blake Fontenay, spokesman for Secretary of State Tre Hargett, was invited to comment and responded with this email:

"Based on the methodology used, we have a number of questions about that statistic. Does the Census data count people who vote absentee, illegal immigrants, felons who have not had their voting rights restored or people who have other forms of photo IDs besides driver licenses? We feel all those groups would have to be subtracted from the voting age population in order to get an accurate count.

Bredesen's Tennessee Solyndra Project

What! you mean the $75 million dollar switch grass refinery is not producing, not going to produce and no one wants to build another one from what they have learned.

Who could have predicted that?

This could get ugly

As I have said in the past, I thought the last state election was all about the federal issues pushed down to the state elections. People did not like Obama or the countries direction so they took it out on the closest Democrat at hand. Republicans hit a HUGE wave and rode it into legislative seats across the state and nation.

If last year was a wave, next year will be a tsunami. Obama's approval numbers in Tennessee have jumped off a cliff. The latest MTSU poll tell the tale...

Spring 2009
Approval 53%
Disapproval 27%

Fall 2009
Approval 46%
Disapproval 48%

Spring 2010
Approval 42%
Disapproval 51%

Fall 2010
Approval 35%
Disapproval 55%

Spring 2011
Approval 39%
Disapproval 52%

Fall 2011
Approval 30%
Disapproval 63%

A 13 point swing in a negative direction from where the Democrat leader (Obama) stood at election time a year ago. If the trend continues (and I don't see any dramatic shifts coming in the next few months) this could propel Republicans to a level undreamed of just 4 or 5 years ago.

Friday, October 21, 2011

There is no magic bullet.

That is more or less what a economic researcher said in a presentation on Tennessee economics. Don't look for the magic solution. The one big company you give away the farm to get to come to our state is not the answer. Help the small companies who are already here to become bigger.

Urin the money

My bill for drug testing welfare recipients is highlighted in the Tennessean I am still in the process of getting the fiscal note removed.

Judges to make political endorsements

It just goes from bad to worse. On the heals of their hiring a lobbyist, the same judges who say they are above politics are now changing their own ethics rules to get actively involved in political campaigns...

But remember, they are not political. They are above that.

Judges impartial, except when it comes to their job

The judges association has decided to hire a lobbyist to fight for laws favorable to them and their job. Now that they have thrown away the veil of impartiality on legislative issues the question comes up. How has their political bias effected their past judicial decisions?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

How do you protect yourself AFTER the attack?

The University of Tennessee has made a brilliant admission

Safety officials at the University of Tennessee said police can't always get to you in time, so they are asking students to learn how to protect themselves....

...."What we're finding is that the more resilient your campus is, the more prepared the individual is, the better your response would be overall. And those first few minutes are critical," said Director of Emergency Management at the University of Tennessee Brian Gard.

Yes! Well, now that we have that down, lets think for a second. It's late at night. An empty parking lot. A 120 pound girl is not sure what to do as she sees a 220 pound menacing figure pull a knife and start to chase her. She needs to protect herself. UT admits they can not do it. They will not be there in time. How can she equalize the situation and defend herself????

Of course UT still doesn't want anyone to be able to protect themselves with a weapon before the attack, but after the attack. That is when it really counts.

Is there some giant disconnect with reality bubble that surrounds that place?

Hat tip: Say Uncle

"You mean no spinners for my escalade?"

Some states are starting to check assets as well as income as a requirement for getting EBT (food stamps).

New leader at TDOT

Some times the big problems have simple solutions. This letter writer is showing all the brilliance of a true future leader.

"Why cant I get a job in my field ? "

It must be the evil bankers!!! Occupy Wall Street!!!

Hat tip: sense of events

Opportunity scholarships

Opportunity scholarships are making their way through the legislature but the Knox county school board has unanimously voted against them (with the exception of Cindy Buttry). As you may or may not know the scholarships would be for at risk children in consistently under performing schools. The amount would be less then the average parent pays in taxes for their child to go to school.

Why any person would so selfishly want to force a child to stay in a school that has proven to not educate them has got to be one of the great frustrations to me in the legislature (In full disclosure, I ran a bill very similar to this a few years ago). It is a win win. The public school has fewer children it has to concentrate on (class overcrowding is an issue teachers say is detrimental to the child's education) and they still get some money for teaching someone who is not there.

At the same time the child who goes private has proven to get a better education at a lower cost.

I had to copy this excellent comment posted over at Tom Humphreys blog by a poster who desperately needs to start his own blog (Eric Holcombe)

"Taxpayer dollars should stay in public schools rather than go to private schools that can pick and choose their students..."

Uh, you mean like McDonald's gets to pick and choose who buys their hamburgers? AND their customers are also forced to buy a Hardee's thickburger they don't get to eat.

I'd like for the taxpayer dollars to stay in the taxpayer's pocket.

Here are some current tuition numbers from local Knoxville privates (averaged for K-12 years):

Berean Christian - $5900
Grace Christian Academy - $6592
First Baptist Academy (Powell)- $4900
Knoxville Christian - $6200
Paideia Academy - $6054
Concord Christian - $5656

These are all brick-and-mortars too. Not virtual Bill Bennett K12 Inc. charters like Union County will be getting. Maybe the Big Four need to explain why they are spending 30-50% more - or for that matter, all of 'em. The state system average is $8773.

Why should taxpayers keep paying 50% too much to protect the public monopoly?

Why indeed. One of the best reasons offered up was "Because children might learn things that are not appropriate"

Gee, I wonder what "inappropriate things" they would be learning at a private school that they would be better off not learning in a public school? I mean it would be ultimately left up to the parent to send the child to a private school or not. I would hazard to guess there are quite a few things the average parent would not want their child to be exposed to at a public school as well.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Talking dirty crony capitalism

Justin Wison calls out the former tax man Reagan Farr for giving out multi million dollar tax deals willy nilly. Well not truly willy nilly, you see only close friends got the deals. Some people who made nearly identical requests were denied.

Credit where it is due

This is a well made political commercial.

Quote of the day (I want that guy back edition)

Rep Mike turner on photo voter ID...

· Regarding free photo IDs for voters: "I don't have a problem with this bill at all if we're gonna pay for it." This new law provides IDs at no charge to voters.

· Regarding the 'difficulty' to obtain a photo ID: "Now, if you're not willing to go get a free ID, then maybe, you know, you shouldn't deserve to vote."

· Mike Turner's conclusion in April: "I'm okay with securing the election. I think it's great."

95 out of 95

While Planned Parenthood did get a $70,000.00 grant from Shelby county early in the year, No new money is going to Planned Parenthood after a decision last night by the Shelby county commission to send the remainder of title 10 funds to another outside provider.

More to come in years ahead.

The dream Presidential candidate

As much as us state legislators like to think we are the center of the universe, the next election will be a referendum on the president. Who is the candidate I would love to see at the top of the Republican ticket to beat him? It is a combo of a group of candidates attitudes, their ideas and ideals. So with a tip of the hat to Conan O'Brian here you go.

He (or she) would have the creative and strategic thinking mind of Newt Gingrich, the bravado, bluster and swagger of Perry, the cool polished presentation of Romney (maybe toned down a few notches), the fighting heart and instinct of Bachmann, the purity of ideals and purpose of Ron Paul, the vision to see the effects of social issues on the nation of Rick Santorum, the outsider image of Herman Cain, the folksy charm of Sarah Palin, the "I don't care what they say" attitude of Chris Christy and the ability to speak Chinese of Huntsman.

They all have something to offer and I am pretty sure about any one of the announced candidates will be able to do the trick, but it is still to early to say who that candidate will be. We have seen many rise and fall already. The top of the hill is a pretty slick place right now. We can sort of see who the media has been pushing but the people are not locked in yet. We could see pushes in the next 60 days that produce 1 or 2 more "front runners" and we could see some people stumble.

Politics is such fun!

Is it a blow to ......

Some people are saying the Curry Todd (Who has now stepped down as the chair of the house state and local committee) drunk driving arrest was a blow to gun rights legislation because there was gun was in a holster down between the seats in the car at the time.

Some of our senior members are saying "We need to pull back on the second amendment stuff for the sake of our new members". The funny thing is, its not the new members who are saying pull back at all. In fact, they are ready to charge forward and push the attack.

If Todd's failure is a call to move backwards, then I guess it was also a blow against laws that might liberalize alcohol sales as well. Is it a blow against selling alcohol in super markets? Should that issue no longer come up? Should we stop the debate on that?

Is it a blow against allowing alcohol sales in counties that were formerly dry? Should that issue no longer come up? Should we stop the debate on that?

Is it a blow against allowing alcohol sales at premier resorts? Should that issue no longer come up? Should we stop the debate on that?

Should we start to look at restricting alcohol sales further by limiting the sale hours in stores, bars and restaurants?

Should we pull back on the counties where it is sold?

Possibly it was the driving that was at fault. Should we restrict the issuance of licenses for former police officers? Legislators?

Well maybe it was the fact he was ignorant of the law. Possibly we should have put a big sign in all cars telling people it was a crime to drink and drive. How about A big bottle with a red circle and a slash through it on the door of all cars. Possibly more testing, training, background checks, in depth psychological evaluations with higher fees should be required previous to getting a drivers license.


Then why the same requirements for a constitutional freedom? Is alcohol or drunk driving somehow more safe then legal gun ownership or the right to legally carry a gun?

You see, the system worked. A person who was forbidden from doing something wrong was stopped. They were arrested for their alleged criminal activity (Drunk driving) and will probably be punished for it. The periphery arguments are just that. Those who did not support the second amendment previously will not support it now or probably ever.

This incident is just another way for the left to demonize what they already hate and were never going to support anyway. They do it in all arguments. If a priest falters, Are we no longer to talk about God or freedom of religion? If a teacher stumbles are we no longer able to talk about the importance of getting a good education? If a writer prints a negative article should we no longer support the freedom of the press? If a black man commits a crime are we no longer able to talk about the equality of all races? If we only wait for the perfect time with the perfect people to advance any cause we believe in we will end up waiting forever for everything and end up with nothing.

Those who supported us because of those causes will see we are no better then the alternative or past status quo. We ran on second amendment freedom. We attack our opponents for their lack of support of those freedoms. Why would we back up on our support of those freedoms because one person did something stupid?

Big events. Big news.

The Tennessee right to life had their dinner last night. It was a packed house at the Knoxville convention center. Lila Rose was the guest speaker. You may remember her as the 18 year old girl who posed as a 14 year old girl wanting an abortion because her 31 year old boyfriend got her pregnant. The Memphis Tennessee abortion clinic told her to lie about the statutory rape so she could get an easy abortion and no one needed to find out about the rapist. A crime not to report or cover up in in Tennessee.

Some other big news came out last night. As many of you know Planned Parenthood has set up a new abortion center on Cherry Street in Knoxville. Many feel this was done as part of their market strategy to abort blacks babies at a higher rate then white babies (Cherry Street is in a predominately black neighborhood). Well some good people just donated the property right next to the abortion center to Tennessee right to life.

Talk about your bad neighbor relationships.

TRL is just now starting to think of what they want to put on the property. Whatever they build, I am sure they are open to donations to help defray the cost to fight for the cause.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Still "Gun-ho"

After the Todd incident many reporters are asking if I plan on retreating on support of 2nd amendment legislation. I see no reason to back up on my support of the constitution or the bill of rights.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bamma slamma

The tough new immigration law that Alabama passed has been mostly upheld again. While one minor part was taken out (Tracking of illegals in state schools). The big part (e verify and checking for immigration status of people pulled over) is still in place despite the Obama lawsuit. Many Alabama illegals have left the state in fear of being thrown in jail and deported....Sounds like mission accomplished.

The Cain train stops in Memphis

Tennessee born Herman Cain stopped in Tennessee to rally with Tea Party supporters. When power for his microphone went out he broke into this classic that is one of my personal favorites.

I would love to see video of that! I bet it was electric!

Red light cams face class action

Red light cameras in Bluff City face a 6 million dollar class action lawsuit for their actions regarding ticketing after we passed a law limiting them. Bluff City was often commented on as one of the worst abusers of the red light/speed cameras when we were discussing regulation of the cameras last year.

Guns are jobs

While some people seem to think we can not work on legislation supporting second amendment freedom and jobs this next year at the same time. The latest information out seems to say that the opposite is exactly what we should do if we want more jobs in Tennessee. Last year after passage of the bill allowing the second amendment in restaurants that serve alcohol, Tennessee tourism went up. Way up. Way, way, way up.

In 2010, the year after the law first passed, the state’s tourism numbers were up 6.3 percent, according to state officials. Every county saw a boost in tourism, according to a report by the Department of Tourism Development and the U.S. Travel Association.

“It doesn’t surprise me that tourism didn’t drop,” said Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, R-Blountville. “There wasn’t one documented case still to this day of someone going into a bar, a gun permit holder, and using their firearm. There’s still not.”

Wow! 6.3% overall, growth in every county across the state and not one proven cases against the law? Seeing as the bill was the biggest "tourism killing" media story of the year, reported on hundreds of times in the state and across the nation and tourism in fact went up much faster then the rate of growth for the rest of the state (Last I recall growth was in the 1-2% rate for Tennessee).

Then the correlation seems pretty cut and dry to me.

If you want tourism. If you want the jobs created by tourism. Stop listening to the negative press and pass laws that support constitutional freedom.

Not the opposite.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Quote of the day

“Just left my Senate office at Leg. Plaza. Managed to
make it through the crowd of four ‘Occupy Nashville’
protesters.” — Sen. Jack Johnson

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Joke of the week (Dad, Cancel My Allowance)

My daughter just walked into the living room and said "Dad, cancel my allowance immediately, rent my room out, throw all my clothes out of the window, take my TV, and stereo, and iPhone, and iPod, and my laptop. Please take all of my jewelry to the Salvation Army or Cash Converters. Then sell my new car, take my front door key away from me and throw me out of the house. Then disown me and never talk to me again. And don’t forget to write me out of your will and leave my share to my brother."

Well, she didn't put it quite like that... She actually said...

"Dad I have decided to work for Obama's reelection campaign."

Wall Street protesters here you go.

As true today as it was 30 years ago. The Wall Street protesters could learn a thing or two from this little clip.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quote of the day

"There are three kinds of people in the legislature. Those who can count and those who can't."

Hard reality leaking out

Some stories and rumors on redistricting are starting to leak out. Memphis (Shelby county) and Knoxville join Chattanooga in the reality that some Dems will probably get merged together due to new numbers and shifts in population.

Oddly, House Dems seem close to realizing the fact that they may actually be getting a good deal out of the whole thing. That it is not really all that bad as compared to what many could be asking for. Many want to return the favors that Democrats have done to Republicans for decades. So far, while it may sound bad, it really isn't that bad at all as compared to what it could be.

But I thought there werent any?

For years I have fought saying it should be illegal for illegal aliens to get in state tuition in Tennessee. UT and others said there were not any illegal aliens in our universities. Well now they admit there were illegals getting in state tuition and possibly may be more in the future. While the article is not clear, (are they looking at it to open it up more or close it down?) They say they put some "rules" in place for 3 school. (I have read the rules they put in place. It is more or less an honor pledge from the illegal alien that they are not illegal. Guess how well that works?).

The new UT president Joe D says he will obey the law but guess what? UT has always been able to lobby and fight off laws that would have put a verification process in place.

Meanwhile, the Tennessee board of regents and their 46 schools/ universities say they are wide open to illegals.

Now that California has passed "the Dream" act (allowing illegals in California in state tuition) UT wants to look at the rules they passed.

After four years of not allowing undocumented students to enroll, University of Tennessee system admission officers are going to revisit the issue.

Admission representatives from the three UT system campuses -- Chattanooga, Knoxville and Martin -- will bring up the topic during their annual fall meeting in October, discussing whether there's any need or desire to move forward.

"It's one of the items on the agenda, just to talk about it as admission officers, it's not the board of trustees having a conversation," said Yancey Freeman, assistant vice chancellor for enrollment services at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

He estimated that UTC had less than 20 undocumented students when it changed its practice in 2007 and those students were allowed to complete their degree.

Until 2007, students illegally in the country had the option of going to Chattanooga State Community College or UTC -- as long as they paid out-of-state tuition, which can be three times higher than in-state. But that changed when the three undergraduate institutions of the University System of Tennessee agreed to stop the practice.

The Tennessee Board of Regents -- which manages 13 community colleges, 27 technology centers and six universities, including the University of Memphis, Middle Tennessee State and Austin Peay -- doesn't have a policy on the issue, said Wendy Thompson, vice chancellor for access and diversity for the board of Regents.

None of our schools at this point are at capacity and making determinations based on space," she said, "so we do admit undocumented students."

Tennessee and Georgia lawmakers continue to introduce bills to address the issue, but so far undocumented students are not banned from attending public higher education institutions. Instead, the decision is left up to each school or system.

Even smart people do stupid things

Well as I am sure you read by now, Rep. Curry Todd got busted for drunk driving. Once again, we are legislators. Not super humans. Some are smart. Some are not so smart. Elections do not suddenly make people perfect. Curry did a stupid thing. I am sure even he will admit it. What will happen now? Who knows.

It is laughable though as the Democrats are now trying to play the high road on this after the Rob Briley situation they just let go.

New media dieing?

Sorry no posts lately. I have been in Chicago for the last few days. I was invited to go to the emerging leaders conference up there. Some good stuff. Some fluff. It was neat to hear the different points of view and things going on around the nation.

One conference I liked was communicating with the new media. One interesting factoid?
People are already moving away from some new media communication. That is right. Some new media is already dieing. The new media on its death bead?

E mail.

The younger generation is already transitioning to other ways to communicate. Things for the future?

Stay tuned...

Monday, October 10, 2011

And then there was 5

The protest at the state capitol against....I'm still not sure what, is down to 5 people. They really just look like high school or college age kids looking for something to do. One protester said he was going to stay until dead or arrested. I think he may have to do something radical because the police have said they do not intend to arrest anyone unless they break the law. Protesting is his right but the marble is going to get cold rather quickly and I am sure his mom will get tired of delivering his meals to him shortly.

Turner comes out for felon voters

Democrat leader Rep. Mike Turner comes out for felons voting

Rutherford County Democratic Party Vice Chairman Tony Pegel. Pegel, who committed a felony almost 30 years ago when he was 18 years old, is a success story. He served probation for the crime and went on to earn his engineering degree in Knoxville and is now a party official in the county and an asset to the community.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Just curious.

Is the "I'm part of the 99" protest about people who have used their 99 weeks of unemployment and now have to join the 1% who work and pay for most of the bills?

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Protesting unhappiness

Supposedly Wall street was just the tune up for the big Nashville protest. What exactly is their goal? Hard to tell.

From the article...

“They definitely have a right to be here, but they don’t seem to have a goal. What is it, to put Wall Street people in jail?” asked Michael Devaney, who works in information technology at one of the financial district’s many banks.

One veteran Wall Streeter figured she might as well introduce herself. “I just said what exactly are you protesting?”

One of the protesters told her he was upset with the marketing of subprime mortgages. Jennifer Berg countered by asking if homebuyers who took on too much debt shouldn’t share some of the responsibility. Berg said she told them that if they tried to close down Wall Street, it would choke the flow of money that sustains the world economy.

“We had a really decent chat. These guys were disgruntled. I think they were unemployed. They felt like they were making a difference,” Berg said. “They listened to what I had to say and then they shook my hand. They said it was a great pleasure to have this conversation.”

The NY and potential Nashville protests seem disjointed and not clearly for any one goal. More just general anger. Again, it seems this is more and more a theme with protests. "We are here to protest! We are mad as heck, but not sure about what or what we want you to do about it!"

What can a person take away from that?


The AG has ruled that it is most likely not legal to exempt someone from paying sales tax. Like has been their history in other states, the deal to exempt Amazon from paying sales tax is the key part to their recruitment into Tennessee, without it, Amazon is probably Amagone.

Knoxville's superstar!

Can we get Einstein to say "Vote Stacey?"

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Something for "the man"

The changes to the landlord/tenant act that I made this last year have just gone into effect. A synopsis can be found here.

On line, justification for not going on line

Part two of our state and local summer study committee was to discuss putting public notices on line (saving local governments money) instead of being forced by law to put them in the local dead wood newspapers.

Possibly the worst argument I heard to keep paying the newspaper to post the information was because newspapers posted the information on line and more people were useing that resource who no longer wanted to pay for a newspaper.

Ummmmmm. Yeaaaa. That's the idea.

Suppression is suppression

Today we had a study committee on the voter ID bill. I think the head man over state elections (Mark Goins) was about fit to be tied after some of the comments made in the paper by Roy Herron.

Roy was calling the photo I.D. to vote bill, a poll tax and voter suppression and the article in some papers went so far as to infer that Herrons own grandmother would no longer be able to vote.

Goins looked like he was about to blow his top at this and looked at it as a complete fabrication. He said said it was impossible for her to be shut out of voting and explained how there was no reason why she could not vote. He went on to tell of the multiple fail safe precautions put in place to make sure she could vote. Goins went on to say how the multiple cries were similar to the cries heard in Indiana (Who Tennessee copied the language of the bill from) yet after the elections there, not a single person could be found who was not allowed to vote to start a law suit against them.

Not one.

Goins went on to say that an authority figure telling people there was a "Poll tax" when there wasn't or saying that people would not be able to vote when they truly could would suppress more votes then the voter photo ID would.

Big bucks, no whammies.

The Republican caucus held their annual fundraiser last night. The result?
A packed house and a new record. About $575,000.00 was raised to elect more Republicans to the legislature next year. I hear it may be nearly triple the previous high water mark for this point in the year.

Democrats are supposedly hosting their big event at the Wendy's on Church St. later in the week.

Seriously, What can Democrats do to sucker an unsuspecting soul to go on a suicide mission and run for the legislature next year? Republicans will have the funds, the issues and Obama's terrible ratings helping them win elections not to mention the new, fairly drawn districts that can only lead to more Republican seats in the in 2012.

If by chance Mars did line up with Jupiter and Republicans had a candidate drop dead on election day the Democrat would still be in a close to super minority. Chances are looking good for a super majority (and possibly then some) status in both houses.

Those looking too far ahead who just barely scraped by their last election might better start looking at other options.

Because guns shoot themselves

Gun crime is high in Tennessee. In fact, the city of Memphis is number two in the nation for violent crime per capita (Thank God for Detroit). It makes you realize the need to be able to defend yourself is quite important. Crime is everywhere and criminals will get the guns so the need for honest citizens to be able to defend themselves is quite reasonable.

By the way, HCP holders have a lower rate of committing crime then police officers.