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Monday, January 23, 2012

Data good, except for Pre K

Oh Phil, it is so funny when you try to talk conservative but don't have the history to back up what you say.

You say you want the states to use data in education reform? OK, fine. How about we start with the data the state has recovered from the studies we have done on Pre K? Pre K has proven to be expensive, without lasting value and in some cases has actually even had a negative effect on children. Not just in one study, Not twice but three times in a row here in Tennessee. In fact, there has not been one single quantifiable study in Tennessee that has shown a positive net result for our investment.

Plug that into your little computer and see what pops out. Should we continue to keep funding it or put the money somewhere where it will actually help kids improve their educational results.

What does the data tell you?

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  1. Obviously we Tennesseans just are not smart enough to teach pre-K. The alternative is to consider the program is a waste of money, and that is not something a liberal can think about. Any program which sounds good and spends money is by definition essential.


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