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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Debate rundown

1. Rick Santorum. Another good showing. Strong, confident and knowledgeable on key issues. Brought the whoopin' stick out on Romney for healthcare. Only down side was not having his wife present, but with 7 kids I couldn't blame her if she slept through the entire campaign.

2. This one was close I almost called it a tie between second and third but Romney gets the tip. Strong showing early and evaded attacks well, you could tell he had stacked the crowd but even the crowd couldn't help him from the merciless beating Santorum gave him. I was expecting the crowd to start to call out "Mercy!, Mercy!" (like at the end of the movie Braveheart) with the gutting Santorum gave him on Obamneycare.

3. Newt, Did OK on attacks and defence but it was more of a wash. Didn't show the cocky swagger and boldness that has propelled him in earlier debates but I think the crowd may have been an issue. Could have played up the Reagan angle a little more but I think he showed he has been rolling up some big endorsements. I was expecting possibly a little more of an attack on the court system when he talked about religion. I think the moon issue was a flop. Played well to the Latino community I am sure, but let Romney off the hook on immigration and other issues.

4. Ron Paul, OK, I know I have been a little hard on Ron Paul in the past but I honestly think this was one of his best showing. He didn't come across all screechy like he has in the past and I think he spoke well on the economy. Still needs to develop a little better long range talking points. He does not look healthy. In fact he looked down right frail.

5. CNN, Missed opportunities to ask about oil exploration in the gulf (Probably a big issue in Florida). I didn't like the question about Ron Paul's health even though he does look bad. The first lady question was a softball and really not necessary. I am getting tired of the candidates talking about the latest personal attacks the campaigns do. Debates are for issues.


  1. The problem with Rick Santorum attacking Romney and Gingrich for supporting the individual mandate is that he has no credibly on this issue. In 1994, Rick Santorum supported the individual mandate. He is a flip-flopping hypocrite on the same issue that he's accusing Romney and Gingrich of having no credibility on.


    The only candidate left on the stage who has never supported an individual health care mandate is Ron Paul.

  2. As a straight man with HIV I find you to be a moron. Got it from a blood transfusion in the 80's. I know you are from one of the stupider states in this country...but you are beyond the pale.

  3. Stacey is it possible to recall you? You are embarrassing us.

    Alex Fowler
    Summerwood Dr.


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