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Friday, January 20, 2012

Dems vote against giving Tipton Co. a Senator.

Tipton county will have a senator.

The county was inadvertently left out of the legal wording for the senate redistricting plan and the plan had to be recalled from the governors desk to have the wording put back in. It was an accident by a heavily loaded, tired legal team and not a plot to punish Tipton County for sending Jimmy Naifeh to the state house for so many years.

Oddly, when the vote was made to add the wording back in, senate Democrats voted against the move. I guess Democrats really don't want Tipton County to have a senator after all.


  1. Your admission that the legal team was "tired" is further proof that y'all need to slow down and start reading. We really don't care if it takes 6 months to pass legislation, but we do care if this sloppiness continues. Even your PP amendment slip is a result of trying to get out by May 1st.

    Again, you need to slow it down. Knoxville doesn't need to defend itself in any more lawsuits because the legislature is in such a rush.

  2. Anon's assertion is ridiculous. Who hasn't made a marginal error like that on the job? Besides, his (her?) comment shows a complete lack of comprehension of the fact at hand:

    The Dems are so miffed at being in the minority, they seem to be voting against everything, just for the sake of being contrary. If they had stopped to think for a moment about that vote, it would have been a no brainer to vote "aye".

  3. Marginal errors by yourself are fine. But we're talking about hundreds of representatives and aides who all had the chance to catch the error.

    Between the redistricting, planned parenthood amendment, and red light cameras, that's three MAJOR oversights. I'm not talking directly to The Sen. In fact, he wrote a great post a week or two ago about getting it done right the first time because nobody really gets voted in because they promise to cut down the time spent in session. From that post, it looks like he shares my sentiment about the sloppiness, especially after his PP amendment disappeared.


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