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Friday, January 20, 2012

Filed under "I told you so"

Well what do you know. It seems the Iowa caucus was actually won by Rick Santorum after all. I hate to say it but I told you so the day they announced Romney the winner. Now, entire precincts are missing but even Romney is conceding Santorum won it.

Smart move on his part.

Romney already got all the bump he needed from the early claimed victory. Now, no one cares and the bump in cash and momentum it could have brought Santorum is all sucked up. The only change is in SC. Romney is now trailing as Newt is starting to collect the divided conservative vote. Romneys big hope is to re energise the flailing Santorum campaign and hope Rick can pull off enough support from Newt to let Romney squeak by for another victory. Conceding an empty Iowa victory to Santorum is his throwing a starving dog a bone in the hopes it eats his rival (Gingrich) in the end.

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  1. Wait, is THIS the Iowa surprise we are waiting for? Or are we supposed to keep waiting for the next surprise thing to come? This The-Little-Boy-That-Cried-Surprise thing is getting old...

    The RNC (Romney Nominating Committee) has spoken. Romney is bought and paid for and the GOP will comply with the banksters' wishes.

    Besides, the RNC (Romney Nominating Committee) took half of SC's delegates - their votes only count half (slightly less than 3/5 of a man, for those keeping score at home).

    If Newt wins the Republican party nomination, I'll gladly meet you at a $100/plate "campaign event" at the restaurant of your choice (I've learned from real smart, lawyer judge-selectors that this description prevents your ethics from being corrupted).


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