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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Lets go quickly, but not rush.

There is a lot of talk going around about the desire to get out of session by as early as April. It is getting to sound like that the only goal some people have and that getting out of session is all that matters. While some of the benefits of getting out early are beneficial (like savings of per diem dollars), that alone should not over rule all other considerations.

Our opponents had their way since forever. They too could pass a budget that balanced and leave town. I don't recall a single legislator running on the issue of "Elect me and we will finish session by date X". We need to remember that people did not elect us over our opponents just to pass a sloppy budget and get out of session early. They wanted changes. Not to use analysis as a form of paralysis. We have had years to talk about what we wanted to do when we took over. Now it is our time to do it. Not just rush in and scurry out as fast as we can.


  1. Instead of blogging this, why not make a few phone calls to your brethren.

    I think the legislature should be embarrassed by the fallout of the last session, where in the last few days, nobody had any idea of who passed what.

  2. Maybe they are just trying to be cool dudes by saying this to hide the fact that they are so totally excited about going back to Nashville!

    I don't recall confusion about who passed what, except for the issue about the defunding of Planned Parenthood. Senator Campfield made all the proper moves, but someone illegally changed the wording of this, undoing the good he had done...at least for a little while.

  3. Passing a budget and then going home? Sounds good to me, especially with all the stupid things the legislature did last year.

    The people elected many of these Republicans out of fear of Obama, not because of principles. Julia Hurley is a great example of voting for someone with an R by their name, while creating a vacuum for substance.

  4. So Tonna should I not bother with the sheriff's bill?


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